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VMOS Pro Apk

VMOS Pro APK is an updated version from the virtual master team. In this version, the user will not be restricted longer, provide the authority to customize ROM, and also allow to change RO according to their imagination limits. For all applications it supported floating windows, it can run Xposed and no root in other modules, on the same screen it can operate two applications, and custom resolution modification is available.

VMOS Pro APK Features:

  • It provides safety protection. There is no risk of viruses and crashes, by real machine system no restriction and provide independent mobile phone system.
  • Rom platforms include version 5.1 now as well as also 7.1
  • Can operate multiple applications on the same screen
  • Support all applications in the floating windows
  • It is simple and convenient to operate and switching
  • Can run on rooted environment, to meet the needs of mobile phone lovers comes with root permission, it has pre-installed XP framework and Google mobile services
  • Support customization and modifying resolution
  • After the screen, it can run in the background
  • Virtual android on android
  • Supports file transfer station
  • Gives the facility of the dual opening app, the dual opening of games, while playing game watching a live broadcast, can chatting while playing
  • Work and life both are correct because it smoother than cloud

VMOS Tool:

VMOS is a virtual machine app that helps to run a virtual android machine on your mobile device. As a guest operating system, it can run another operating system on phone. VMOS helps to run different instances of the same app, it gives access to two apps of the same type, for example, if you have two Facebook accounts it give access to both of them at the same time.

Virtual Environment:

VMOS creates a fake android phone environment with network connectivity and a play store that works as real. It appears as a full set up OS, you could touch and control it just like you use the Android system. For access to the play store you can sign up with your Gmail account, then you can also download the app. This virtual machine will run on android 5.1.

Run Support without Rooting your Mobile Devices:

By default, VMOS gives root access. Only the virtual machine is affected by the root access, the entire mobile device does not affect. For developers, it is an important feature for the testing app. It saves your primary system by running the root app without any risks. VMOS supports root but can’t root real primary device or phone.

App running:

VMOS always running in the background. It is useful if you want to run apps at the same time. It does not corrupt other apps that opened and running. Rather it does appear at the front but running and working in the background.

Running Dual Accounts and Apps:

If you have 2 accounts on the same app and want to run them both, VMOS is the best option to separate your personal and professional accounts.

VMOS Unlocker Download:

VMOS unlocker apk, on our real mobile phone devices it can betterment the Data connection. VMOS now contains more ads including video ads, images ad or text ads. The video ads mostly show the related data and increase our knowledge. You should firstly pay attention to your basics user and experience.

VMOS unlocker does not have any feature, it comes from the software, so consider this.


  • Android 5.1 or higher than it
  • Internal storage must be free of more than 5GB
  • 3 GB RAM is available

How to install/download in android:

  • Click on the download button
  • In the browser find out the APK file in your download section
  • Make sure third-party apps are allowed in the device then install
  • The open menu then go to the settings click on security to check for unknown sources so that the application will install through the phone sources other than the google play store
  • Go to browser and click to file once downloaded, allow permission for installation
  • After installation, you can use it

Enjoy the VMOS!

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