Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk 2022 Latest Version (Unlimited Money, Gems)

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk

If you are a fan of gangster games like GTA vice city and sleeping dogs, then Vegas Crime Simulator is the next game you will be fond of. This game is inspired by the high graphics game GTA vice city. The user will experience how it feels to enter the world of gangsters. The user will never get bored while playing Vegas Crime Simulator due to its unique features, giving them a feeling of playing a virtual game. A player can test his gaming skills as Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk offers various difficulty levels and gaming modes.

You can choose any character you want, and you can either be a defender or a fighter. To get to know all the features and incredible adventures of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk, give a read to this article.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk introduction

It was developed by Naxeex LLC in June 2015 and has gained massive popularity because of its features and gaming modes. It is based on the famous mafia of vegas city which players can either finish or be their leader, depending on their choice.

A wide variety of arms and vehicles are available you can use for your adventures. In Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk, there are unlimited money and gems which you can use to get any vehicle and weapons of your own choice. You do not need money or gems to buy items.

This hacked version of the Vegas Crime Simulator gives unlimited access to your favorite items without any purchase or subscription. If you want access to all the premium features with the same graphics and storyline, download Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk. You may also try Flight Pilot Simulator Mod Apk.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk
Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk


Application Name Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk
Version 6.2.2
Size 100 Mb
Rating 4.7
Downloaded 30000

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk Gameplay


It provides incredible gameplay of adventure and action for android gamers. By choosing any game mode, you can decide the ways you want to play it.

You can eliminate the mafia gangs by using a variety of weapons offered, or you can join the gangster’s adventures by completing missions of the game and becoming the mafia gang’s leader. This game provides exciting stories, in-game action, and exciting missions.

The Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk adds further spice to the game by giving unlimited access to money and diamonds so you can enjoy the gameplay without further ado.

You can start your adventure journey, explore different non-playing characters and streets, use any weapon, and drive any vehicle by downloading Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk.

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk Features

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk Features
Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk Features

If you wanna further explore the game, read below. Following are the features of Vegas Crime Simulator described briefly.

  • Easy controls
Easy Control
Easy Control

Vegas Crime Simulator mobile version offers easy controls to players. You can play this game while strolling on the street or lying in bed. You can engage in shootouts, drive vehicles, or explore the streets. Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk, with its easy controls, ensures that players enjoy all the characteristics of the game to the fullest.

  • Customization and upgrading

To enhance your adventure and experiences, Vegas Crime Simulator offers customization and upgrades to your character. Enhance your skills and capabilities to fight your battles and complete your mission. You can better handle weapons and drive vehicles.

  • Tons of vehicles to enjoy your ride

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk offers tons of variety of vehicles to enjoy your adventures. You can not always enjoy massive trucks or aircraft. More choices, more fun. You can change your vehicle, or you can steal others’ cars as well. So, roam in the city with your own sports car or a stolen mob’s car. Have fun in your aircraft or a boat to explore the waters. There is a massive list of vehicles, and one can select according to interest and choice.

  • Exciting missions

You can explore the roads of Vegas city and do whatever you want. You can drive any vehicle, steal cars, collect money, fight non-playing characters, and get chased by cops. When you clear a mission, you move closer to being the mafia leader. It also increases your popularity. Every challenge gets more complicated than the previous ones to test your skills and expertise. Every mission is more exciting than the previous ones, so players can have a whole game experience.

  • Graphics and sound effects

The high-quality sound effects of the game make this game even more exciting to play. The exciting 3D graphics of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk give a fantastic user experience.

Further features in the Vegas Crime Simulator Mod menu need to be discussed.

  • Unlimited money, gems, and health
Unlimited Money
Unlimited Money

This hacked version of Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk offers unlimited health to the players, so they do not have to wait for their health to be restored. You can enjoy this game without any delay. You can not die and fight with enemies until they all are dead.

Furthermore, unlimited money and gems allow you to buy any weapon and vehicle. You can unlock any feature, purchase anything you like, and buy any skin for your character to get a new look.

Wrapping up

The Vegas crime simulator Mod Apk is fun to play with its excellent graphics. However, it has violence, so it is not recommended for kids below 13 years of age. You can even play this game offline if you don’t have a stable internet connection. With its only 102 MBs size, one can easily download it on android phones. You may also like prince modapk

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk FAQ’s

Can I download this game on my phone and laptop as well?

Yes, you can download this game on a smartphone, and you can also download it on your PC/laptop if you have bluestack or any android emulator.

Is this game for adults?

Violence and fighting in this game make it suitable for kids above 13 years.

Can I download Vegas Crime City Simulator Mod Apk for free?

Yes, you can download this game for free.

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