Vector 2 Mod Apk

vector 2 mod apk

In Vector 2 mod apk developer creates emotions. When you start playing this game, the main background shows you a laboratory where all the innocent people are kidnaped here.

Organizations kidnapped these people for biological research and try to change the destiny of humans. But by chance, they left a hoop for men where they can run easily. In this game, your main aim is to help those people for running and try their best to reveal them.

It’s a serial famous vector game that is liked by many peoples. This is similar to the Vector game if anyone played that game they can easily understand it well. This game is free for android users others can pay for playing its premium version but Vector 2 Mod Apk version provides you all of its pro features free.


This Vector 2 Mod Apk has a very tough and challenging track for players which creates difficulty and disturbance during running. Those who already play Vector Mod Apk version face less difficulty during playing. All vectors games have difficult rules, it depends on the player how they can play and reached the destination.

In the previous version, all the tracks were filled with hidden lasers and bombs but this new version has enemies that are hidden in a specific place. Players should have to fight with these enemies for reaching the point of escape. For winning, players have to understand all the horizontal screen styles that will help them survive.

Design of Vector 2 Mod Apk:

The previous version of this game is simple but with time developers make it more complicated and advanced. Background and environment of this version show a sharp effect where something will happen within few seconds.

Theme of the game is blue and black, players can easily play it without any disturbance. During the development of this game, the developer adds some more little details to it which makes it more luxurious. When a player moves forward the developer optimized it much time.

The main highlight is screen design which attracts players to play more and their sound system helps to engage a player for a long time. When a player moves in a dangerous zone a very horror sound appears that pushes the player to move faster.

Features of Vector 2 Mod Apk:

Many adventurous and action features are added in this game that was not present in previous others. You can change the clothes of a player if you show some attention, you will notice there is a shadow of the player’s teeth.

A player can also try high-tech tools that help them to live longer and find out new places to go outside. You will learn a lot from this game, especially finding skills that will boost up your energy level for fighting against enemies.

Some basic features are mentioned here:

  • A lot of money after level completion
  • Many bonuses will be given after completion level
  • Unlimited high-tech tools
  • Energy boosters
  • Complex and challenging places
  • Upgrade items

Vector 2 Premium Apk:

Vector 2 Premium Apk is the second version of this game where all the things are pro you can pay for unlocking all of its features.

It has 3D beautiful graphics which attract the most and engaged a player to play more. In which player wake up in a laboratory where all people are lying for biological researches. The main aim of the player is to run away from this place and for this, they face many challenges and hurdles in their track.

It’s the best version for all android users. After playing Vector 2 Mod Apk you will be satisfied we assure you.

Download Game Vector 2 Mod Apk:

Downloading is the main part of any game because if you download well, you will be able to play it without any trouble, otherwise it may show an error because this mod version downloads the file in another way that is mentioned below:

  • Just click on the download button and wait for downloading
  • When downloading complete just go to settings and then privacy where allow all the “Unknown sources” on your device. That will help to don’t show any error during the installation process.
  • Go to downloaded files and click on vector 2 Mod Apk file.
  • Start the process of installation and wait for few seconds
  • After installation, you can go to installed apps where you can see the icon of Vector 2 Mod Apk
  • Simply click on it and let’s start playing

What’s New in Free Version:

Everyone annoyed from Ads during playing, so this free version is Ad’s free where every player can play without any disturbance.  Another best thing is there is an upgrade kit where all the pieces of equipment are free. If you install it from the play store you will pay for this kit but the free version provides you all things free.


Vector 2 Mod Apk is full of Actions and thriller effects. After playing this game you will learn a lot from it because it depends on run away from the biological laboratory where all humans are used for experiments.

This Mod Apk version provides free pieces of equipment and tools for every player. Because everything in Vector 2 Mod Apk is free that unlocked all features automatically without any money. You just need to collect bonuses and money after completing every level that will increase your energy level for fighting against enemies.

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