STONE MINER MOD APK Latest Version 2022 (Unlimited Money)

Stone Miner Mod APK

This app is an adored simulation game where you drive a nice strong truck. The player has one job: to be a miner and go on a small but useful island. Furthermore, all players are advised to mine resources on this island. This island is located in the middle of a huge, stretched ocean. In the game mining apk, you are also to supply the product inside the processing factory to improve your good quality.

Moreover, players can even take out their game faster to improve the machine by combining unique parts. As players keep on completing multiple tasks, the stone miner simulator codes provide them with an increase in their resource collection.

Moreover, you may keep an eye on the excellent and colorful graphics well depicted inside the game. A huge variety of minerals, fossils, and some leading table records can make your day. You can also try Adorable Home Mod APK.

Stone Miner Mod APK


Have fun while you are mining

This app has an entirely new genre that allows people to start something fresh. Not only that this is a simulation game, but it helps you reinvent and learn a few tricks to live on an island and still earn money. You have a truck gifted from the game that is your ride for the game. You can go on crashing the stones and collect valuables.

Sell your stones

When you have attained enough stones worth a few dollars, your next task is to take them to the factory that will increase the net worth of these stones. Next, you may sell these antic stone miner games and valuables in the market and earn rewards too.

Upgrade your truck

This game requires a constant upgrade of your truck as due to heavy mining duty, the truck wears out, and you need to fix the minute problems and add a few more details. Cash miner apk offers you a new grinder, your entire truck, and a rail cart at some points as you will be lifting more stones than before.

Relaxing game

A few of the games from the same genre are quite stressful as they set a task for you, and you have to complete it in a given time. However, every task in this app is for relaxation, entertainment, and peace of mind. This game does not give you the burden to work harder and become the best. Instead, it makes you the best of all by helping at every stage.

Smooth controls

This game is planned as such to give the players a relaxing experience. Playing the game is an easy job as the controls are very friendly. Also the machines are made from state-of-the-art technology. You may also uncover any obstacle that has been mined by someone else. Mine out any precious good with the help of your team.

Collect and sale

This game stone miner apk is one place that asks the users to collect as many goods while mining and selling them. Players must load their rail carts while they are digging and mining. Later, you can sell all the stuff you collected for a handsome amount. It would be best to keep in check when the cart is full.

Mine deeper

The entire mining company has been localized underground, so it is suggested that rather than staying on the surface, the players can go deep inside and get precious ores. The mine is itself a world full of beautiful graphics. Multiple minerals and antics have been spread in the entire location. It is suggested that the player should dig deeper to find even more of the stuff.

Upgrade your company

Players can easily complete the tasks that they have been assigned as the game is relatively easy. The player has to dig deeper and complete the task in the allotted time. When he has collected enough valuable ores, he can then sell them in the goods market and collect the rewards. These free rewards help him in upgrading his company.

What’s New?

The game is a constant process of searching for rare resources. All these resources have been scattered on an island. But it is not a matter of just one island. You have to set foot on different islands as each new island has its unique landscape and underground.

Moreover, various rare ores can bring out thousands of other islands, and you can collect rewards and money by selling your findings. You have to go deeper in the miner apk mod. As you go further, you will discover more places with different and interesting ores.


Mega miner free download full version works great with Android 5.0+ and needs about 207.48 MB space on your device.


Stone miner hacked apk is a simulation game based on mining and selling goods. The concept of the game is very simple and friendly. Any new player can learn and play the game quickly. This game is full of relaxation and no stress.

The player is assigned a task to collect ores through mining, and for that, he is given a truck. As he keeps on digging and collecting antics, he must sell them. He goes to the factory to furnish his findings and increase their worth.

Mining games hacked is asking the players to keep on digging deeper and make a career out of it. Selling antic ores and minerals is a very gaining work. You have to be very hardworking and consistent in what you do to get better at it.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

How can players upgrade the grinder?

There is an upgrade store in the game where you can visit to upgrade any machine, including the grinder. Go to the truck tab section and choose the biggest capacity. If you want to stay on the field for a longer time, the bigger grinder is the best for you.


Money apk mod has designed and created beautiful and realistic stunning graphic designs. Players get a very nice impression, and thus the game is not boring.


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