State of Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited Bio Caps & Stamina)

State of survival mod apk

State of survival mod apk is a strategy game. You have played action, thriller, and survival games but the plot of this game is different. Use all your skills to rescue leftovers from zombies. In this game, the story describes that the world is surrounded by zombies for the past 6 months.

The virus named zombie is spreading globally and you are the only survivor and hero. All leftovers are expecting from you to recuse them and save others from this disease. It is not going to be an easy procedure to build safe shelters and find safe places with minimum resources. But you have to put all your strategic skills and make it happen.

It is a strategy as well as a defense game as the name suggests. You have to do whatever it costs to save others from zombies. Use resources, money, rebuild the army and let your team fight with you.
The virus is spreading worldwide and everyone is suffering. There are fewer safe places left and everyone is scared.

You have to build a new city which will be safe to live in. Everyone out there is infected you have to save others as well as keep yourself away from danger. The latest version provides unlimited resources you can kill groups of zombies as you have plenty of weapons like machine guns and rifles.

It is up to you that you fight or walk deadly because the world is in danger and there is no safe place where you hide. You have to fight and win this game because it is the only thing you can do. You can unlock different weapons and types of equipment. Make a clear strategy and be a hero of this game.

It is all about making proper and unique strategies and winning this game, you have the chance to become the real hero. Build your troops and the loyal team, learn to fight, and provide proper guidance. Unlock all unlimited weapons and rescue people.

The 80% task is to find a safe city where zombies cannot attack. You have to make a clear strategy and provide them with upgraded resources. Always take care of water, food, oil, and first aid supplies. Make a proper team of surgeons and the best medical staff and send them to rescue people in case of emergency.

3D graphics and HD quality with unique gameplay and unlimited features will make your gaming adventure more interesting. To make your gaming experience better you can also purchase game currency. Unlock all features and weapons and use them for your defense.

You have to survive through different challenges in a very less time. This game is going to be fun playing as well as action and task. Anyone can play this game. Especially for kids, they are in learning age and it is the best action and strategy game to enhance their abilities and skills.

Ask yourself that will you be able to survive in this back-breaking situation?  Put all your abilities in the frame and make the best decision to survive. The main role of the leader in this game is to build a new city according to the urban planning of building a civilization. Ensure that the city is secured from all sides. Underground spaces to hide when zombies attack and tower defense techniques. To improve progress focus on your gaming strategy and develop a peaceful city.

State of Survival Gameplay:

The gameplay of the survival is very interesting and unique. Surely you have played many strategies and action games before but this one is totally different. You have been given a situation with unlimited features and unlocked weapons you have to save yourself and search for saviors and save them from zombies’ attacks.

You will feel like you are playing an RPG game because of its features but it is actually an action, tower defense, and strategy game. Before attacking make sure about zombies’ positions and locations. The extra features in this game provide maps you can roam anywhere and find out enemies.

The most interesting feature of this game allows you to build your city and you can decide your boundaries. Fulfill your dream of becoming a hero and win this game. After building a totally different city and surviving through tough times you can fill empty spaces make farms, playgrounds, and other points.

Build such type of strategy that after winning against zombies be prepared for any accident in advance. Improve your troops and upgrade your pieces of equipment and weapons continuously. Build a squad of the strongest fighters that can fight by your side with loyalty. In virus and war situations everyone is scared firstly gather them under one page and reunite then teach them how to fight and use unlimited money and coins in up-gradation and progress. Pass it to your friends so they can join you and fight with you or against you. As a leader make sure that everyone has proper resources and help everyone. Also, make sure that you are killing every zombie during the war.

You are playing a war game and also saving humanity from great loss and danger. Before taking important decisions discuss them with other leaders and heroes and then take the next move. Don’t do anything alone you won’t win because unity comes first. Enlarge resources production and get unlimited survival activations after completing missions.

The dog is the special part of your team it will help you in tracing undead/ alive zombies. Make units of armies like snipers, fighters, riders, and Bowman’s. They will lead you towards victory. Most importantly your main task is finding shelter, providing safe places, gathering saviors, and rebuilding the city according to urban planning.

Collect more information about zombies’ locations, their techniques, how they attack, and most importantly search about their weak points and attack them before they do. Act wisely, independently, and feel free to use all unlimited resources. Plan strategies according to the situation also keep some plan b options if the situation goes different from your plan.

The gameplay of the survival mod apk is very simple and clear you will enjoy playing this strategy game. It is worth downloading the game with its extra features. You have got a chance to become the real hero in serving humanity. Controlling the virus from spreading is a difficult and time taking process. Especially when the virus is spreading too fast like zombies. Make sure that you are using real abilities you can also join different forces.

State of Survival Game Features:

The state of survival has unlimited features like weapons, unique gameplay, Realistic and HD graphics, dramatic background sound, and many more.

The main feature of this game is you have to make strategy and clear tasks within a given limit of time which makes the game more addictive. If you are still thinking that what to do install it or not. Let us explain the main features which will surely help you;

  1. Reconstruct
  2. Investigate if there are saviors in the area or not
  3. Redemption
  4. 3D graphics
  5. Build your own territory
  6. No awful ad experience

Do not get hesitate in collaborating with other heroes because they have some unique tactics that will help you. If you fight alone it will take an era to be the hero of this game. Learn tricks and tips from them and pass them to your teams and upgrade their skills according to the need of time.

3D Graphics:

High-quality graphics with realistic feature gives the feeling that you are fighting and defending people in real life. Blood on street and where every dead is walking alive. It is scary and thrilling as well but the realistic graphic feature makes the game fascinating.


Adding sound with graphics is amazing; background dramatic sound in every situation is unique and different.

Free to Play:

Feel free to play because everything is unlocked and limitless. You don’t have to invest in the State of Survival for premium stuff. Enjoy its all features for free.

Get Daily Rewards:

Get daily rewards on every successful mission. You will enjoy it playing more because on daily rewards you will get access to extra resources.

Create Allies:

Create allies and join different groups and learn different tactics from experienced people and win this game. Share it with your friends, and family and defeat enemies. You cannot win this war alone you are going to need groups and units on your side without wasting them let them fight for you.

State of Survival Mod Apk

If you are looking and waiting for a game that is completely free to play and provides all features unlimited and unlocked then the state of survival mod apk is the best option.

Mod version of the state of survival provides access to all features for free. You will get unlimited money, unlimited bio caps, equipment, and many other facilities. The main reason for downloading the moded version is because it cost no money without wasting your time on hacked and premium games download this game. Some amazing features are as below;

  • Never-ending money & Stamina
  • Unlimited bio caps
  • Immense resources
  • Infinite weapons range
  • Defense protocol
  • Every feature is available for free

Unlimited Bio Caps:

Talking more about features let me describe what is bio caps? It is the main currency used in the game to complete missions automatically, to purchase heroes with skills, and for unlocking other challenges. Unlimited bio caps offer that you can buy anything unlimited and it cost nothing and you can unlimited bio caps by downloading State of Survival Mod Apk.

Never Ending Stamina:

We all want to do multiple things in less and at the same time. Unlimited stamina provides access to this desire that we can easily fight, rescue, construct, and find shelter.

Autocomplete mission option helps you to complete missions like construction and others in a very short time and you can use free ones for training and other work. Food is necessary to survive in any war so; the moded version also provides unlimited food.

Download State of Survival Mod Apk:

If you are still not able to download the right version of the game. Stop worrying about it from now. Because we offer the latest and moded version of the game you won’t regret downloading it. Important steps to follow to get an updated version;

  1. Go to the download button and click on ‘start download’. After your download starts it will be saved in the folder.
  2. After completion move towards file manager and open installed state of survival mod apk.
  3. Clicking ‘settings’ you can allow permission if asked.
  4. After these open, run and start playing.

State of Survival FAQs:

Q. Top heroes in a state of survival mod apk?

Mike, chef, Rusty, Maddie, and Wolfe are the best and top heroes in the game. Every hero has their unique quality and ability and there are many more.

Q. How to get more rewards and bio caps?

By participating in different missions and wining you will get unlimited bio caps and rewards which means access to more features.


We have shared a lot of strategy games and you guys loved it, again we are sharing different and unique gameplay with better quality. If you are the one who likes playing strategy games and wants to be a leader you have to give it a shot without wasting time. You can enhance your skills without investing a single penny in it. We are offering everything for free. Millions of people around the world downloaded the State of Survival Mod Apk and we have received positive reviews. Read download guide instructions properly to save yourself from any trouble.

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