Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk Latest Version-2022

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition mod apk has an equivalent story as Shadow Fight 2, with an Old Wounds story. In it, the most character may be a young Sensei.

One day, Sensei accidentally confronted the Shogun soldiers trying to kidnap the Prince. He fought with them and won. The Shogun was very angry. He immediately recruited ninjas and trained them to make an overthrow.


However, the sport may be a free experience, so it comes with monetization models that each player finds annoying. Understanding this, the developer created the shadow fight two mod apk all weapons unlocked at level 99. The energy system to limit plays has been removed so that you’ll play it at any time. Also, you are not doing any advertisements during the sport. you can also check DINO HUNTER MOD APK

Besides, you’ll also upgrade equipment in shadow fight 2 special edition apk. This process consumes quite a lot of coins and diamonds. However, they will give the character more defenses, health, and power attributes.


Items and weapons

You would like to equip your character with the simplest weapons and armor during the sport. Also, the weapon is sort of diverse. You’ll replace the Kanata sword with Kusari-gama, Shuriken, or Kunai. Each type offers a particular advantage in battle. Determine the benefits and drawbacks of every weapon if you want to defeat the enemy.

Unlimited Money:

You’ve got many money and gems. Download shadow fight 2 special edition gives players an enhanced experience compared to the free version. Moreover, its content has been further developed with quite 10 hours of gameplay. Additionally, the reward system has also been improved.

Fight to the Death

Action games have always been popular among many sorts of games. We’re seeing plenty of fighting games taking the stage per annum since we enjoy them. There are numerous fun fighting games to play now that you can download, like the Shadow Fight series.

Furthermore, fight Against Shadows you’ll celebrate with numerous games today where you’ll fight to the simplest of your abilities. Numerous fun fighting games will test your strength and endurance as you perform combos. Shadow Fight is one of the foremost exciting fighting franchises.

Enjoyable Story Mode

During this game, free shadow fight 2 special edition, you’ll enjoy the Story Mode, which presents unique characters and storylines. Here, you will be ready to meet Titan and fight against him face to face. Boast your moves and luxuriate in performing numerous combos against powerful enemies here.

Many Weapons and Armors

During this game, you’ll enjoy twiddling with different fighting styles. There is no got to grind here to finish the story, as you’ll enjoy getting all of the weapons and armors. There are numerous differing types of weapons available here, from short, medium, and long-range ones!

In addition, Use weapons now, just like the Shuang Gou, Swords, The Sting, Grim Scythe, Dissector of Hopes, Stilettos, Heavy Staff, Axes, Steel Claws, Devastator, Big Swords, Oriental Sabers, Yari, Sapphire Fang, Butterfly Swords, and lots of more.

Discover an exciting mixture of two world’s hottest game genres

– Fighting & RPG. Gather an enormous arsenal of lethal weapons, combine your gear and upgrade dozens of skills and moves!
– No Ads!
– No energy restoring. Jump into the fray anytime and anywhere you want!
– Unveil a truth behind Sensei’s past during a whole new story chapter!
– Complete the story mode without grinding!
– Equip yourself with an enormous amount of weapons and armor. Get tons of gems through battles and make your arsenal even larger!
– Travel across 7 distinct provinces and force to terrify Titan himself!
– Simple controls are meant for touch screen usage. Shadow Fight 2 is straightforward to play but hard to master!
– Astonishing animations and unique design!
It would be best to have an online connection for a verification check (only for the primary launch).

What’s New?

Besides removing ads and energy elements to limit your plays, Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition also has some new features compared to the first version.

First, the equipment is cheaper. Second, you’ll get diamonds and coins for completing missions or a particular stage within the game. Third, the equipment inventory has been updated with various latest and better models, including armor and weapons. Also, they’re not available within the free version. Because of these, the character can become more vital to finishing challenging missions.

In addition, shadow fight 2 special edition hack apk also updated some new maps and graphics quality. You’ll feel more clearly while playing.

Requirements of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

Shadow fight 2 mod apk special edition max level works excellent with Android 5.0+ and needs about 110 MB space on your device.

Gameplay of Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

When participating in the game, you’ll play the role of a young Sensei. Your mission is to fight the soldiers of the Shogun and crush his evil plot.

An education edition mod is meant with content and gameplay, almost like its predecessor. The character is given the essential weapon. Moreover, you’ll play piecemeal in each chapter, trying to defeat the enemy and advance to new content.

Furthermore, the difficulty also will gradually increase. More enemies, they’re even more agile and far more potent than before. Sensei can use a secret weapon to hold out attacks from afar. He also features a particular skill that has very high damage power.

About the Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk

In shadow fight cheat ne, you will be ready to enjoy a replacement story chapter with many exciting twists and characters. Here, you’ll equip deadly weapons like the shuriken, knuckles, sai, steel batons, knives, ninja swords, machetes, daggers, blood ripper, crescent knives, tonfas, staff, krises, harrier hooks, steel nunchaku, swords, and lots of more.

In addition, you’ll be ready to fight against solid opponents here as you’ll upgrade your armors also. Enjoy a unique fighting game where you’ll fight with the shadows only.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Is Shadow Fight Special Edition worth it?

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is a must-have game if you have played the previous series. The storyline keeps you hooked on it. Not only will you be on your adventure, but you’ll also get to know Sensei’s story and other people’s. The graphics are gorgeous!


In Shadow Fight 2: Special Edition, you’ll enjoy a game where you’ll meet exciting and powerful opponents as a part of the story. Lastly, Enjoy many combos that you can perform and weapons that you can equip now!

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