Punch Hero MOD APK 2022 (Unlimited Money, Coins) Free Download

Punch hero mod apk

If you are an old gamer you must know about the best old game named Punch-out. This is most like and played in the ’80s. Game evil developed and published Punch hero game on the Google Play store. This game is similar to that punch-out game but it has 3d graphics that are not available in the older version. Its procedure of playing and the interface is the same as that of Punch-out. This is also called a junk game because of its some players including samurai and the soul of deceased pirate that are very dirty. The game looks cool due to some of its features like the animated player that looks attractive when they fighting with each other.

Name Punch Hero MOD APK
File Size30MB
App RequirementsAndroid 5.0 +
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Updated on 24 Hours Ago

This is a boxing game in which you train your player in training mode. Skill moves are accumulated from the skill store. Some moves are paid but some are free. Training ground is specially made for beginners because only expert gamers are only playing the game and get the victory. After the defeat, each enemy’s new missions appear which you complete getting bonus points and coins. Coins are used to get more powerful boxers and to buy skill moves or combo moves to beat more powerful players.

Punch hero Mod APK

Punch Hero Mod Apk GamePlay

The game of boxing consists of 22 players which you have to defeat to get the victory. Each character has different skill and combo moves than previous characters that you defeat. But, after beating the first 15 characters then you have to face very powerful characters that are easy to beat. You become an expert in this game if you are very fluent and expert in boxing skills. Defensive and survival skills are two main factors on which the result of your match depends. After winning a single round you are rewarded with the gold coins that are used to buy new combo moves.

Punch hero Mod APK

The advantage of the combo moves is that they have more damage than simple moves. To beat the high-level players you must need to buy the characters that have more skill points or you have to customize your old player with the new moves to kill them easily. Otherwise, you are not able to beat them because they are too much powerful than your starting character.

Punch Hero MOD APK

Punch Hero MOD APK

This is the modified version of the game that contains amazing features which are locked in the original version. With the help of a mod, you can enjoy all those premium features of the game that are paid for in the original version of the game. This will make your game more interesting and easy so that no one can get bore. In the original version, the user has to accomplish the given mission to get the coins that take too much time. This thing can bore the user. That’s why Punch Hero Mod Apk is developed to make the game easy and interesting for you. You wanna might check this one too Sonic Dash Mod APK from our website.

Punch Hero Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Coins


Coins are the currency that is used in the game to buy characters and their exclusive moves that have more damage than other moves from the shop. Punch Hero mod provides you unlimited coins so that you can unlock all the premium features of the game at once. This mod does not require completing missions to get the coins rather it provides you coins for free.

Unlock all Characters


There are many characters in the game. Free ones can be availed easily but come paid can be bought by coins. The paid characters have more stamina and better moves than other players that’s why every player wants the paid characters. Punch Hero mod provides you all characters for free.

Combo Moves


Combo moves can damage more than other moves so that you must buy to get victory over high-level players but they are paid and not easy to get. To overcome this difficulty this mod is developed that provides you all-powerful moves for free that are paid in a shop in the original version of the game.

Powerful Gloves

Powerful Gloves
Powerful Gloves

Good gloves are very necessary to fight against powerful players of the game but they are paid in the shop. So users have to accomplish very difficult missions to get the powerful gloves. But this mod gets access to all the gloves that are premium without completing any task.

Free of download

Free of download
Free of download

Mod version of the game is free of any cost. You can download the game for free from the given link listed at the top of our page. This is fully secured that cannot harm your system data.

High-Quality Graphics

High-Quality Graphics

Graphics of the game are comparatively low than other games but not so bad. 3D graphics look attractive that look more amazing if we compared graphics with the size of the game. All smartphones can run this game easily. You may also like Angry birds transformers Mod Apk from our website.

Boxers Lab


This is the area in the game where you can create your own player according to your own choice and requirements. Dressing can also be selected by you. You can customize your player appearance again and again.

Upgrade your Player


Players can be upgraded easily but you have to complete missions and be given the task to get gold coins. These gold coins help you to upgrade your players by adding the skill moves to them to defeat the players at high rank. Character appearance can also be changed with the help of the coins from the shop.

How to Download and Install Punch Hero MOD APK ?

  • The link given below will let you download the mod file.
  • Click the option “download from unknown sources.”
Unknown Sources
Unknown Sources
  • Following this, click on the “Install” button in the drop-down menu.
App Installing
App Installing
  • Two options can be seen after the installation process: done or open.
App Intalled
App Intalled
  • Click open if you want to play right away. Click done if you’re going to play another time.
  • Enjoy!!!

Frequently Asked Questions-FAQs

Is it damage mobile data?

No, it is fully safe and your data is completely secured from any type of virus. The link that is uploaded on the site is fully tested by our developers. The modded version is tested from many premium antivirus software. So, keep playing this game without worrying about your mobile data.

Can this mod use for a lifetime?

Of course, it can be used for a lifetime because our developers update its content regularly after fixed intervals of time.

Can this mod work offline?

Yes, Punch hero mod is working in offline mode. But if want to customize your player by adding new skill moves then you must have an internet connection.


By playing the punch hero game you get knowledge about boxing tips and tricks and it provides you very amazing boxing actions. If you are a boxing lover then without any wait click on the download button and enjoy boxing and other endless features of the game. Punch game is very difficult for beginners that’s why it requires proper training for every player to complete stages of the game and get the victory.

Low specification phone also supports this game so everyone enjoys this game equally. But there is one difference between mid-range and expensive smartphones that is of graphics. The expensive phone will provide you full HD animated graphics. Hope you will understand our whole opinions. Then without any thinking click on the download button to enjoy endless features of Punch Hero Mod Apk.

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