Pubg Mobile Mod Apk 1.5.0 (Unlimited UC, Battle Coins, Aimbot)

Pubg Mobile Mod Apk

The most well-known and trending video game nowadays is PUBG Mobile. Everyone knows about this game. Mainly 2 versions are available of this game to play, one is mobile and the other is PC. It means that both pc and mobile supports this game. The user is represented as a soldier to fight against enemies. It is launched by a popular company named Blue hole Company. PUBG is an amazing action game that contains a lot of fights.

It is noted that PUBG is played and liked the game from last year. Especially, youngsters are fully obsessed with this game. The special requirement of this game is special storage and the best smartphone. Although it is a little bit heavier in size and requirements than other games it is worthwhile, because deadly weapons are being used in this game. Proper strategies are devised to win the battle against other enemies. Pubg Mod Apk is the modded version of the original one where you will get so many paid features free.

The most amazing feature is that it is multiplayer. The modified version is more reliable as it provides its user free upgraded weapons and other accessories that are required in-game without investing a single penny. A lot of new things are introduced in a modified version that is not available in the original version of the game.


This game supports three game modes for its user. Firstly, the solo mode in which you fight alone on the whole map against all other enemies who joined your match. Secondly, duo mode is in which you have one teammate to fight the battle and win it. Third and the last squad mode in which you have three teammates to fight against enemies. Your teammates will fully assist you to win the match. If you win the match you will get chicken dinner according to game rules.

Pubg Features:

3D Graphics:

3D graphics is the most advanced feature of the game that attracts youngsters. This game looks real due to its characters and battles like real life. The entire scenario of the game also makes the game quite real. The scenes of the game look like a movie that is shot with real actors and a real location in the world. Due to the clean graphics of the game, it is difficult to differentiate that it is a game or a movie.

Exclusive Weapons:

Different types of exclusive weapons are included in the game such as rifles, pistols, and automatic guns. Some other things like bombs are also included that are used in the battles against enemies.

PUBG Mobile Mod Apk

The modified version of the game has become more popular than the original version because it makes the game too much easy. These mods include Aimbot, no recoil unlimited UC, and some others. Pubg Mod APK is an attention seeker version of the game that’s why all youngsters are crazy to get a modified version of the game. Except Pakistan other countries also play PUBG. A lot of additional features are added in the modded version as compared to the original version. Different types of features are unlocked freely in the mod which is paid in the original version.

Pubg Mobile Mod Features:


It is an interesting feature in the modified version through which your aim is automatically locked on the enemy. While you are behind a cover you can kill enemies with this feature. Your bullets are connected inside the walls to your enemies. In this way, you will be secure and your enemies are automatically killed and you will get victory easily through this feature.

Play zone:

There is a blue play zone in the game. If your player enters the blue zone he will get damage. With the help of this mod, the zone will not damage you and you can kill your enemies while standing in the blue zone.

Wall Hack mod:

You can locate or find your enemies easily from behind the walls or any cover with the help of this amazing feature. With the help of this mod, you can locate hidden enemies that are about to kill you. Your bullets connect the enemies from inside the walls.

Battle Coins:

Battle coins are currency in PUBG. This is also an interesting mod by the help of which you can get unlimited battle coins and buy anything from the shop. Desired items and weapons are bought with the help of battle coins.

Unlimited UC:

Unknown cash (UD) is being used a term which mostly used as a currency in Pubg. They have to spend money to buy the packs of unknown cash in the original version of the game. But, in the modified version of the game, you can get unlimited unknown cash to buy all the things that you want and like in the game.

Unlimited Health:

Nowadays, the modded version of the game is most popular than the original version. Unlimited health is one of the most awesome mods through which you can get no damage from the enemy.

Users Review about PUBG Mod Apk:

All gamers are completely addicted to PUBG. An issue with this game is that it take youngsters away from the actual reality. In the modified version of the game, there is a matchmaking issue in TPP due to which most users are facing issues. Due to the mod version you will play with low-rank players and you kill them easily but in the original version if your rank is high your enemies are also of the same rank.

Due to the multiplayer feature that you can play with your friends this game is very popular around the world.

When a new update is launched there are many bugs and lags in the original version but in the modified version these issues are fixed after an update. New features are added in the modded version by removing all the glitches due to which the modified version is well-liked around the world. But crashing a server is the issue in this version of the game. Moreover, this game is amazing that tells us the lesson of friendship and sharing of resources. This is the most played game in the world that’s why I also love it very much.

Improvement and Bug fixes in Pubg Mod Apk:

The user interface of mod APK PUBG is very friendly. When the user equips the new outfit the older outfit is automatically unequipped and changes to the new one. The texture of the game is also improved by adding new backgrounds and lighting effects. Overall statistics are improved by graphical representation of match results. New challenges are added to the game to improve the mental level and experience of players to play other games easily.

Bugs related to jumping are all fixed. Characters got stuck during the match this bug is also fixed. All bugs of survival mode are fixed. Where users rename some of its characters are missing in the original version but modified versions are characters are written exactly according to the user.

Advance Features of PUBG Mobile Mod APK:

  • Battle Unification
  • Teammates are not directly killed rather you can revive your teammate.
  • You can select a server according to your choice in which your game runs better.
  • Customization of weapons from lab.
  • Colorblind support is included in the game.
  • Disconnected matches area also joined during matchmaking.
  • You can get you favorite cosmetics like glasses, shirts and some other from the shop.
  • Scopes are added for better target.

Pubg Mobile Mod Apk FAQs:

What is PUBG Mod APK?

The modified version of PUBG with new features than the original version is known as PUBG mod. You will get free unlimited coins and UC without investing any penny in the modified version.

Is it a secure mod?

Yes, of course, Pubg mod APK is secure and safe as it does not require rooting of your smartphone. It means that no risks are taken to download this awesome game.

How do Pubg APK mods work?

Inside the menu of the modded game, there is an options menu through which you can activate all types of mods such as wallhack, aimbot, and some other. You can also deactivate any mod and active second one during the match.

Do we get unlimited UC?

To get unlimited unknown cash in the game free of cost you have to download the mod version of the game that is available on our site. Because you have to pay so much money for the original version download from Google Play Store.

Is PUBG Hackable?

Yes, this game is hackable by some developers but you have to pay them. But, its APK mods are free to download. Unpaid hacks may block your accounts. Only APK mods and paid hacks are secure and tested that do not cause any damage to your account.

Do free gun skins are available in PUBG?

By downloading the modified version of the game you will get all gun skins free of cost. By using unlimited UC mod you can also get all gun skins for free. Guns can be upgraded through unknown cash.

Guideline for PUBG Mobile Hack:

Be sure before downloading the modded version of the game your original version is deleted from your phone. If it is not deleted then both the versions of the game are cracked and may damage your phone software. The modified version of the game is not present on the google play store.

You can only download APK mod from any web browser. Google is the best web browser to download the mod version of the game. Mod feature is more preferred because it adds a lot of new features in the game that is not present in the original version of the game that is why it most popular and well-played game around the world.

How to Install and Download PUBG Mobile Mod APK?

  1. Firstly, you have to delete the original version of the game from your phone.
  2. Then download Pubg mod apk and other attached files given at the top of this page.
  3. Go to the settings option and click the security option after downloading the game.
  4. From setting > security click on the unknown source option to enable it.
  5. When a game is download go to the download folder and click on the install button to install the game.
  6. Then click on the game when it is installed and enjoy it.


So our whole informative article is all about PUBG Mobile mod APK that provides you information about the game. We advise you that be aware of hack and mod before downloading the APK files. They may contain some type of infected files that may damage your smartphone.

I hope you download the modded file that are provided by us and enjoy the game. You can give feedback to our mods by emailing us. If you face any issues in downloading and installing the game then contact us. We help you to fix this problem and you will enjoy your game in a better way. Share this mod link with your friends so that they will also enjoy this mod with new features in the game that are not included in the original version of PUBG. Now without thinking click on the download button and enjoy the game.

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