Pou Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins/Money) V1.4.84

Pou hack apk

Human beings have emotions and are blessed because they have the ability to love and care for others. These emotions are the major factor that differentiates us from other creatures and organisms living on our planet. In childhood, we begged our parents to buy a pet for us and keep it in our home but they ignored them. Being parents busy all the time they out down our request some time. Some of our friends are very lucky because their parents allowed them to keep the pets at home. That’s why the Pou hack Apk game is developed for pet lovers which allows you to care for your favorite pets virtually.

In the game, you have to take charge of some pets that are your favorite and care for them as real-life pets. Pou is not a common game rather it makes you responsible to take care of your things including alien pets. You have to take charge of your property and feed them properly to accomplish the game levels. You have to complete game stages by completing the missions of the game to unlock new feed, pets, and living areas for the pets to make the game more interesting. As the game passes it becomes more interesting and challenging.


Pou is not an ordinary game rather, it allows you to bring up your pets by feeding them properly including the alien pets. If you are a pet lover then you must play POU because it makes you responsible for bathing, feeding off your alien pets so that they grew up properly and looks amazing in your pet house. This is your journey to bring up the pets with proper care and represents your zoo pets among other pets to get exclusive rewards. Wallpapers are added in the game shop to make your pet area attractive and beautiful. Crazy funky outfits are also included in the game to dress up your Pou pets and represent them in the crowd. Your pet must be more like to get bonus points. If the crowd dislikes your pet it means that you don’t take proper care of your pets.

What’s more in the POU Mod Apk?

Coins are the currency of the game that are required in your POU to buy new items for your pet or to buy more feed. You have to play the game for many hours in a day to get some coins to upgrade your Pou but this is very time-consuming. But don’t worry here hack APK of Pou is available through which you can get unlimited coins and many other items that are locked in the original version of the game.

Don’t worry about buying expensive things from the game shop in the hack version. Without checking the price of any pet outfit you can blindly purchase it in the modified version of the game. In the hack version of the game, you can unlock all the premium items that are locked in the original version of POU for free. So ignore the basic game version and download the hack APK of Pou to enjoy exclusive game features.

POU Game Features:

  • The allows you to grow up your favorite pet and take proper care of them in your personalized way. You are free to decide that what food is best for your pou pets. Pets can be level up and well rate by the people by proper feeding.
  • Pou includes a game room to play various games. This feature of the game does not let you get bored though it makes the game more enjoyable. By winning the games in the game room you are rewarded with the coins that are used to buy feed for your pets.
  • You can share the fun with your friends by playing online. But this mode is only available if you are connected to a fast and stable internet connection.
  • You can develop new items or feed pets in the game through different experiments in the game inventory. This unique feature of the game differentiates it from all other games.
  • Chatroom allows you to talk to your Pou and feel fun with your pets. Your pou will repeat your talk when it listens to you. Enable your game speaker and mike from the setting menu to enjoy this exclusive game feature.

The game contains a lot of amazing and cool features that are not available in other pet genre video games. These features separate the game from other games of the Google Play store. So wait is over click on the download link to enjoy the game.

How to download and install POU Hack Apk:

Other websites that provide you the download link to download the Pou hack version are not functional and these sites provide you the older version of the game. But don’t worry we guarantee you that the Pou Apk Hack version that is mentioned on our site is up to date and properly working. Some downloading spam links contain infected files of viruses that may damage your phone data. Follow the mentioned steps for downloading and installing the game properly on your smartphone.

Installation Process:

  • To start downloading click on the blinking download button provided at the top of our page.
  • After clicking on the download link you will get a warning message from google. Click on yes to start the download.
  • Go to your phone setting and enable the unknown source option otherwise the game will not download.
  • As the download is completed you will move to the installation page of the game.
  • Hit the install button. Wait few seconds, the game is installed on your phone. Click on the game icon to run and play the game.


If you are a pet lover then don’t wait anymore click on the download button to enjoy the game and grew up your pets. Just follow above mentioned simple steps to download POU Hack Apk. If there is an error in downloading the game then must contact us. We will fix the game downloading bugs. If you like the game then leave a review about it and share it with your friends who are pet lovers like you.

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