LifeAfter Mod Apk V1.0.220 (Unlimited Crystal/Energy/Anti-Ban)

Lifeafter Mod Apk

If you are an admirer of the cataclysm of the zombie you will whim to sight it in your real life. Your wish to view this happening in real cannot be fulfilled but something relevant to this can be introduced to you. We have introduced a miraculous game, LifeAfter Mod APK that will reassure your speculation.

This game comes with a zombie cataclysm when you need to save yourself from the zombie attack and you have to make a durable effort for your survival in the game. This game is all about your endurance and durability in the game. There comes an inflammation that started dispersing in all areas and leads people to get transformed into zombies.

In this game, you are asked to be protected and secure when the half-dead humans start moving all around. If asking for more features a player needs to pay real-life money, but by installing the Life After Mod APK, you will get all premium features 100% free with no ads in it. Here all your concentration should be on not to be hunt by the zombies.

Lifeafter Mod APK
Lifeafter Mod APK



The storyline of the game Life After Mod APK is all about your survival. You need to be saved from the half-dead humans that are moving towards you to attack you. There is an eccentric infection spread all over the dimension by some natural disaster. This will lead to the transformation of people into zombies.

While playing Life After Mod APK game you will come to know that this unusual infection will break off the specific regions and lefts only a few survivors in their actual appearance. The only few left who saves themselves from this inflammation will get the advantage in the game for your long survival. And then you need to be at a protected place to be safe from infected characters when they whisper around you.

You will get to find everything here for your survival from searching for food to unlocking weapons. You have to pay some concentration regarding your energy, health points, and temperature for your survival.

LifeAfter Game Features

LifeAfter Game Features
LifeAfter Game Features

In this game, you will face a new form of life where the human identity is abandoned. A player in this game will get unique abilities and have the option of changing to identifiable looks and the major feature of the game is you can unlock the new residence City of Chaos. Many of the other features of this game are;

  • Experiencing half-dead human survival
  • Build a vast world
  • Make team with friends and survive
  • Maintaining hope

Experiencing Half Dead Human:

When a player is bitten by a zombie, he is half dead but as a human, he stills has a chance to live as ‘The revenant’. It sounds awkward and risky for most of us but what would you choose if there is no option left but the matter of life and death.

Build a Vast World:

In this game, you will have sight on every mountain, beach, forest. You can explore every place of the doomsday world. You have an option to collect the resources and build infrastructure so you can fend the zombie campaign.

Play with Friends and Survive:

During your doomsday exploration, you will encounter other survivors. So, try to share your resources, food with them, and by sharing you can create a shelter together.

LifeAfter Mod Apk

In this game, a player needs to team up with friends and create bases. Life after Mod APK has features that make it easy for a player to fight and makes the gameplay of the user well. In LifeAfter Mod Apk, you will get the premium items of the game store for free. Some of the features of the modified version are under below;

  • Unlimited crystals
  • Unlimited energy
  • Antiban game
  • No roots required
  • Adorable graphics and sound quality

Unlimited Energy:

To save yourself from the attacks of the zombies and for your maximum survival in the game you need to have balanced energy. While exploring the doomsday world, and to collect resources, hunting for food, and prepare it you need a lot of energy. In this modified version, you will get the option to fulfill your energy levels.

Unlimited Crystals:

You need unlimited crystals for buying resources and to collect the supplies for your survival. You need to buy them and for this purpose, a lot of crystals are needed to fulfill this requirement. In Life After Mod Apk, you will get unlimited crystals for buying resources and energy packs 100% free.

Graphics & Sound Quality:


In the modified version, you will get realistic and 3D action graphics. Which will make you feel like you are playing the game for real. The high-quality graphics attract the players and make them addicted to it. Its quality of graphics and sounds makes it comparable to PC games.

How to Download LifeAfter Mod Apk

To install the modified version of the game so you simply need to follow the steps.

Step#1: Just click the download button which is at the top of the page and wait for the download to be completed.

Step#2: Now go to your settings in your device and allow all the permissions. And from your File Manager go to downloads and install the game. The game is installed and is ready for a player to play.


It is a survival game in which you have to save yourself from the zombie attacks and makes you half-dead human. For your survival, you need to build your infrastructure to secure yourself, you need food and other resources. And for the more updated features, you need to install the LifeAfter Mod version in which you can get the premium items free of cost.

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