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Even though this can be a game inspired by anime shows, it’s not suitable for youths. It’s just for people over 18 years old. It’s set within the village of Konoha, where lots of Naruto characters live. In addition, your task is to assist the inexplicable clan by taking control of the ladies on Konoha. By this, you’ll do whatever it takes to get the trust by doing physical interactions!

Furthermore, there are many anime shows available on jikage rising mod apk android. These are animated cartoons that originated in Japan. The anime industry has significantly grown over the past decades. It’s now one of the largest in the industry. Today, there are many popular anime shows, including Naruto. In the Jikage Rising apk, you’ll reminisce and revel!

It isn’t fighting or an RPG game jikage rising new version, but it’s an adult simulation apk. Your goal is to assist the clan of the mysterious beings who have come to you one night. Furthermore, you have to take charge of the ladies of Konoha, who will have an excellent deal of influence in the future. Players start by getting a disguise as you are taking control. You’ll be able to do whatever you wish here as you follow the unique story. You wanna might check this one too Stone Miner Mod APK.



Naruto simulation 

There are many exciting things you can do. There are loads of anime shows to watch and revel in, and they’re all very entertaining. Moreover, You can enjoy and download Jikage Rising, an adult Naruto simulation. You’ll enjoy a brand new story in this game while helping a mysterious being restore its clan.

Entertaining story 

Unlike other Naruto games, naruto jikage is a rising download. This one has a novel story. It’s a singular one that involves a mysterious being showing before you and asking you to revive their clan. Here, players use specific techniques, so you’ll be able to put the ladies in an exceeding trance.

Meet many Naruto characters  

If you are a fan of Naruto, you’ll love Jikage Rising. It is not your typical Naruto game with fighting, chatting, or other dull activities. Instead, you will be able to meet Konoha’s ladies like Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Ino, Konan, Tenten, Karin, Kurenai, and plenty more. Your mission is to help a mystery being in reviving its clan. You’ll appreciate the characters here since they’re all from Naruto!

Entertaining story 

Unlike other Naruto games jikage rising download, this one has a singular story. It is not one you’ve seen or examined in an exceedingly manga or anime. It is a one-of-a-kind story where a mysterious entity appears before you and asks you to assist them in resurrecting their tribe.

Simulation Category of the All Apps Store

It’s the newest and fresh Apps Developed Apps by Smiling Dog. It’s too easy to download and install the jikage rising apk mod on your smartphone or another device. In addition, you can download this app using any application with just some clicks or taps. Don’t forget to permit app installation from an unknown source from your device setting.toca world mod apk (unlocked all)

Do what you would like 

Moreover, you’ll be able to do what you wish! It doesn’t limit you on where you want to travel within the village anytime. But you’ll be able also to follow the story and complete it. It is said that Naruto entirely supports Jikage Rising Mod APK.  Even though you never achieved much in Konoha, you’re suddenly backed within the past. Furthermore, by calling on the mysterious Saru for help, you were ready to unlock your clan’s powers. You may locate and indoctrinate key kunoichi to revive your clan.

in addition, To revive a mysterious clan, you need to control the ladies of Konoha. Head of the ladies by making physical contact with them!

Do what you wish 

Because this is often an adult simulation game, you’re liberated to do whatever you want! It doesn’t restrict your ability to travel anywhere you decide on within the community at any moment. However, you’ll also follow the plot and finish it jikage rising apk cheat.worms zone hack mod apk (unlimited money)

What’s New?

Moreover, Players must visit the Hokage Office, Home, Hyuga Mansion, retail store, Bathhouse, Yamanaka Flowers, Ramen Ichiraku, store, and other important locations. As you struggle to take hold of control of the town, you will have to control the women too.

Furthermore, you may use particular ways to place the women in a spell. It may allow you to try and get anything done from them. In this game, jikage rising apkpure, players experience a fresh scenario within which you help a mystery entity in reviving its tribe. Such techniques assist here if you gradually get control of the women of Konoha by utilizing unique tactics. stumble guys mod apk unlocked everything 100 working


jikage rising mod apk latest version works great with Android 5.0+ and needs about 793 MB space on your device.


There are many anime programs to decide on from. These are animated cartoons that originate in Japan and are now seen all around the globe. The anime business has evolved dramatically over the last several decades, and it’s currently one of the biggest within the entertainment sector.

Furthermore, Players have to be ready to recollect and appreciate an entirely new gift in Jikage Rising! This game could be a simulation designed to have interaction.

It isn’t a combat or RPG game jikage rising latest mod apk, but an adult simulation. Your mission here is to help within the revival of the clan of the strange entity who visited you one night.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Q: Is it an offline game?

 Yes, surely it is an offline game. You can play it anywhere you like.

Q: Is the game free of cost?

Yes, this game is totally free of cost and completely checked by our developers.


In addition to the Hokage Office, you’ll be able to visit a primary residence, a typical residence, a sales outlet, a bathhouse, Yamanaka Flowers, Ramen Ichiraku, a haberdashery store, and more. You’ll do many kickshaws for the ladies within the village as you take control of it.

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