Hago Mod Apk 5.2.3 (Unlimited Diamonds/Coins)

Hago mod apk

Hago is the super hit gaming channel on which many multiplayer slash games are available. This channel is joined by thousands of people who review the games and mention their dream cars. Ludo game is the best-reviewed game above all other video games present in this gaming channel. Only multiplayer games are included in the Hago mod apk to gather people. All the games are just for that updated after some time to bring new features in the game. Some new games are also added to the channel after the update. Above many numbers of games, we have to choose our favorite one.

The Hago also included some hidden games that are premium means to get access to hidden games you have to pay for them. Multiplayer games are very popular that changed the gaming experience of the world that’s why only multiplayer games are included in Hago. In the beginning, Hago contains many single-player games but as time passes some single-player games are removed from the channel and others are replaced by multiplayer games. Multiplayer games cannot play only with your friends however, different people from around the globe play with you and become your friend. You can talk with your new friends in the chatroom. Age restriction is not set in the gaming channel. All the people can play multiplayer games.

Hago Mod APK
Hago Mod APK

Hago Mod Apk

All the gamers must be thinking that the Hago is free then why the modified version of the game is developed? No doubt, the games are free on the google play store but some games require diamonds to unlock some premium features. These diamonds can be bought by the real-life currency that is not possible for all the gamers that’s why Hago Mod Apk is created to get unlimited diamonds and freely get access to those game features that are paid or locked.

Hago mod can be downloaded easily and free of cost. In the modded version of the game, you will get unlimited diamonds that are required in the game to buy new items from the game shop or to upgrade existing items that are present in your game inventory. Hago Mod Apk is more enjoyable due to the new exciting features of the game. The original version of the game contains all the features that are present in the modified version but the issue is that they are paid in the original version while they are free in the modded version.

Hago Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Diamonds:

Diamonds are used as currency in the game to buy exclusive and amazing items available in the game shop. You can get more and more diamonds in any game by completing game missions. In multiplayer games, you can get diamonds by defeating your opponents.

Some items are very expensive in the shop that requires a lot of diamonds to unlock. So it is difficult and very time-consuming for the game player to get a lot of diamonds. So Hago mod is created through which you can get unlimited diamonds without accomplishing the game tasks. When you buy very expensive items from the shop of the game the diamonds remains the same and item is added to your game inventory. In this way, you can easily unlock all the items of a game without any difficulty and make your game more enjoyable.

Unlock All Items:

All the video games contain a lot of special items that every player wants to buy. But some items are premium that is locked in the game. These items can be unlocked by paying real-life money and that is not possible by every game player. Some items are very expensive but they are very unique and beautiful than all other equipment of the game. The paid items of the game have special features that are not available in other items. So, with the help of this Hago Mod Apk Latest Version, all the items in the game are unlocked. All the players can get access to all the items free of cost.

Popular Hago Game

Sheep Fight:

In sheep fight, players have to control the sheep on its side and fight against other sheep. The sheep who successfully push its opponent sheep to the finish line wins the round. As the game passes it becomes more and more difficult as powerful sheep are coming into the game. The greater sheep is more preferred in the game because little sheep are not enough powerful to push the greater sheep back toward the finish line. You will get points to buy new sheep in the game that is powerful and compete with other sheep easily.

Blade Hit:

In blade hit you have to choose your blade and push it on the ground without touching other blades. The blades are shuffle with each other. The presence of mind is very important to win the game. You have to separate each blade and put your selected blade on the ground without hitting any other blade in the game. If you hit another blade in the game you will fail and be given another chance. The game becomes more difficult as the game passes because more blades are added in a single round in expert levels of the game.

Fun Link:

This game is very easy and basic. Players have to match the natural products in the game by picking two or more similar items in-game. When 100% of the organic products are removed then the round is completed. In higher levels of the game, you have to expel more organic compounds as compare to beginning levels.

Hago Game Features

100+ Games:

Hago is considered a gaming channel that contains more than 100 mini-games in the app. Each game consumes only 3 minutes to over. You can play every game easily because all the games are unlocked freely. Most of the mini-games are simple, basic, and quick but some are time-consuming but they are also convenient.

Real Time Battles:

It means that most of the games included in this gaming channel are multiplayer and competitive. Cricket game is also multiplayer. But my favorite is sheep battle that is more enjoyable than all other video games that are included in this channel according to my choice.


You can create your channel in the Hago it means that you can add selective Hago in your channel that you want to play. You can leave other games that are not of your interest.


You can talk to your friends in multiplayer games by voice chatroom that is the best feature of the game. You can talk with other players such as your opponents through voice chat and make new friends. All the players who joined the chatroom can listen to your voice and talk to you.

Hago Mod Apk Download Latest Version

Hago Mod Apk Download Latest Version
Hago Mod Apk Download Latest Version
  1. Turn unknown source option on from setting>security. Click on the download button from the download section mentioned at the top of our page
  2. The file will be downloaded after some time and moves to the download folder.
  3. Tap on the downloaded app and click on install.
  4. After installation clicks on the game and enjoys it.


Social lovers must try social games. Hago Mod APK is a collection of 100+ social games that entertain you very much and let you make new buddies from around the world and talk to them in-game with the help of a voice chat room. If you face any issue then let us know about the error so that we try to fix that bug. Without thinking press the download button to enjoy the game and prefer this game to your friends. Leave a review about the game.

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