In a strategy, game players can know about skills and have the capability to make decisions and take appropriate steps accordingly, have highly noteworthy and importance in setting on the outcome. Internal decision tree-style thinking is required in all types of strategy games because this is the unique tool of strategic games and typically very high situational awareness.

Descendants of war games are also considered strategic games because proper mind skills are required to play these games and define strategy in terms of the context of war, but these are not fully strategic that’s why they are also included in action games. A game that depends or varies with strategic plans and mental observations is also known as a strategy game and two main factors of strategy games that are needed to be taken: its complexity and number of actions in gameplay.

War Games that are trending and require mental skills are covered under the field of strategic games and some other strategic games include sports games. These games require mental skills and practice that’s why they are included in the strategic games which contain certain gameplay conventions and are represented by a particular community or developers. Although war games are more prominent in the section of strategy games, it is not the whole story but some other types of video games are also strategic. Almost all games published on the play store are strategic because strategy is the main key that uses in all games.