A sports video game is a video game that refers to the practice of sports and is majorly developed for sports lovers. Most sports have been recreated and indicated within the game, including sports team, fielding style and tracks, extreme sports, and all competitive sports. Some games have amazing 3d graphics that indicate as the game is played in the real world. Some of the sports games emphasize team strategy and management which are the most important fact for a team. Some exclusive racing sport games indicate the comic effect. By surfing the history of the internet, we came to know that sports games are most popular due to their unique and HD graphics. Some game series are based upon teams of the real world such as names and characteristics of real teams, players and appearance also same as them. The sports game is the oldest type of video game.

Sports games are mostly offline but are multiplayer. The unique factor that differentiates sports game from other video games is 3d graphics of the game that is not available in other games. A proper area with a boundary named a stadium or arena is designed in the game where players can play matches. Commentary through the use of recorded audio is added in every sports game as these factors are the backbone of every sports game.