The type of video game that is designed to simulate all real-world activities in the game is called simulation games. Simulation games are trending and super-category in all types of games. These games are designed to copy the real-world activities in the game through which people get trained and feel happy. There are no specific rules in the game rather, you have to control the character in the game that does all activities of real-life and complete all goals of the game. Business games and role-play simulation are prominent in the types of simulation games. Real-life strategies and planning are used in the game to complete game missions or goals.

Simulation games are the best games that can be used and preferred as case studies. These are developed in opposition to the teaching games to check people’s reviews about the games. There are many sub-types of simulation games including construction and management simulation, life simulation, sports simulation, and some other. In construction and management simulation¬†(CMS), players develop many frictional communities and projects with many daily life resources. These games are based on the economy and strategy. But this type is not included in strategy games. CMS games are not played against anyone but the players have to design buildings with given requirements.

In life simulation games players live and perform daily life activities of real-life in the games while living in a community. Individuals and relationships are two major factors on which simulations games are based. In sports simulation, people play sports like real-life against other teams in a stadium or arena. This type of simulation game is played mostly multiplayer. In other types, medical simulation games are included.