Racing games are multi-player games in which the player participates in a racing competition while connected to the internet. They may be developed according to racing leagues that take place in the real world to fantastical settings. Realistic racing simulations may disturb the racing game modes along a spectrum and more amazing racing games that are based on arcade-style.

In the 1990s Kart racing games emerged that become very popular at that time. Kart racing game is the first racing game that goes trending and well-liked those days. It may also be considered as a branch of sports video games because their rules are almost similar.

Kart racing games are based on simple driving while passing through obstacles, unusual track designs, and various action elements that create problems in driving. You win the race by crossing all hurdles successfully. Arcade-style racing games are the fun and force experience amazing racing games of all the racing game types, as cars usually compete in different methods.

The main feature that differentiates this game from all other types is their far more liberal physics used in racing cars. Simulation-style racing games depend totally on the handling of cars while crossing different paths. The type of racing game in which racers use science fictions car is named Futuristic racing games to race against the clock means a complete given path in a given time or other vehicles.