Casual games are the type of videos game based on the hobbies of people that are developed in the mass market audience in competition with the hardcore games. The genre of casual games is not fixed because they exhibit any type of gameplay. Shorter stages with simple rules are involved in casual games that are very easy to play. These games do not require standard machinery and controls. A lot of casual games are published on the play store to compete for top-rated hardcore games. Major time investment is not essential to play the game.

Casual games are mostly web-based that can be played on mobiles or either on PCs. These games are targeted on mass-market to oppose other games published in the mass market. Simple rules and easy stages are involved in the game to make it interesting as compared to hardcore games. These games are played offline and do not require a stable internet connection. In some other words, the game that requires strategy, thinking and has mass appeal is called a casual game. These games are more intensive and require more attraction to play and they cover a wide range of games under it.

These games are developed only for enjoyment and fun, not for competition that’s why most of the casual games are single-player. All mid-range phones can support casual games that’s why everyone enjoys the game equally. This is the reason that casual games are more preferred than hardcore games. Hardcore games are heavy in size and difficult to play that’s why all user smartphone does not support them. The size and easy controls of the game make it trending and well-liked than other kinds of video games.