The type of video game that can be developed by the story-driven through investigation, puzzle-solving, and interaction with the game character is named adventure games that are played by a single user just for fun. They are not competitive that’s why these are not developed for multiplayer.

Adventure games are story-driven computer games that mostly focus or are based on puzzle-solving within the narrative framework that contains some actions. Some games contain no action elements. These games are different from their name adventure in the genre. These games cover a diverse range of games from all types but these are well-liked by the youngsters. Adventure games are only for fun that does not contain any type of combat and team management. Adventure games are video games based upon exploration and puzzle-solving. Adventure games are not multiplayer games. Rather, they are developed only for single players.

Adventure games are mostly offline that do not require a fast and stable internet connection to run game. PCs, laptops, and smartphones all can run these games. 70% of adventure games are developed by Japan. These are also called digital games in which the structure of the game is completely developed by the narrator. Adventure games are majorly based on three factors Narrative, Puzzles, and Explorations. Most of these games have animated graphics like movies that get the attention of the viewers. The interface of any adventure game is user-friendly and easy to understand that options are self-explanatory. In short, adventure games are best to spend your spare time on for fun.