The type of video game that includes different types of challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time interval is called an action game. The action game includes a large variety of sub-types, such as fighting games, shooting games, online multiplayer battle royal games, and some other. An action game improves sighting and decision-making skills. This player character completes the game levels by accomplishing given game missions, collecting objects, avoiding obstacles that may irritate your driving, and competing enemies with their natural skills and efforts. It is very good to spend your spare time. Action games also provide a good storyline.

The storyline plays an important role in action games. The games in which the user interacts with other players are named battle royal games. They make strategies together to survive and they support each other in-game which also helps that how to survive in real life. It is very good for time pass, talking to friends and knowledgeable. In action games player also explore many things and knows about different things which he doesn’t know earlier. Action games are skill-based games, players can improve their skills by player them. Online action games are also a good source of earning, players can earn money by playing an online tournament

By finishing a sequence of levels, player reaches the end of the game and specific missions to complete a final goal and see the rewards that they won after winning the game. Some action games are unbeatable including old arcade games that have an indefinite number of levels.