Garena Free Fire Mod Apk V1.64.1 Unlimited Shells, Diamonds

Free Fire Mod Apk

Garena developed and introduce the best battle royal game named Free Fire. It is published in the Google Play store by the same owner. In 2019 free fire become the most downloaded game that why it is very hit and well-known these days. It is crowned as Best Popular Vote Game by Google Play. Free fire makes the new record of 80 million active users in May 2020 that cannot be break by any other game.

Free Fire is developed for both android and IOS. It is developed at that time when battle royal games are newly introduced on the Google play store. Free fire is a battle royal game in which almost 100 players are landed on the map including you. You have to battle against all the players to win the match. In its multiplayer mode, you can talk to your teammates and friends. In this way, you can enjoy the game in a better way.

Except for classic matches, there are some other interesting modes. Some modes are very competitive that you have to play with full strategy to fight against other players. And, some modes are only created just for fun to fresh your mind. Practice modes are also included to understand and learn game tips and tricks in a better way. New players can join practice mode to understand the features of the game. Expert gamers also join this mode to make their aim much better. The game includes the number of maps for the player so that the users cannot feel bore. Animated graphics get the attraction of the youngsters and attract them to join and play free fire games.


Free fire is a third-person perspective game that is playing only when you are connected with a strong internet connection. It is full of action and adventure and multiplayer games. Up to 50 players joined one match and land on a single island on which different loot locations are located. Players search for weapons and equipment on the loot locations to fight against other players. A plane flies over the island in which all players are entering and jumps on the island on their marked location. The survival of the players is the most important goal to achieve victory. When all the players eliminate the last player who survives gets the victory.

There is a zone in the game which decreases the available area of the game after some time. The player in the zone gets damaged from the zone. Being in the zone for more than a specific time, you will be removed from the game. If you are in squad modes your teammate will assist you to get the victory. The last team who remains on the island gets the victory.

Free Fire Game Features:

Animated Graphics:

Animated graphics of the game get most of attracted by the viewers. 3D graphics look real and seem like scenes shoot in the movie. The user feels he enters a real environment while playing the game.

Loot Locations:

There are many different loot locations on a small island you can land anywhere you want to pick the weapons to fight against the enemies to get victory in a battle royal match.

Players in a Match:

50 players in a single classic match land on a small island from the plane and take the fight against each other. The unique to get the victory in the match is your survival time and the number of players that you will eliminate.

Variety of Guns:

A variety of guns are thrown on the loot locations and some exclusive weapons are given in the match through the airdrops that have very heavy damage and can kill the enemies at long ranges. Some weapons are automatic and some are a sniper. You must choose the gun that has high damage and firing rate.

Several Languages:

It supports the number of languages so that players from different countries join the game easily and understand game rules.

Free Fire Game Modes:

Classic mode:

This is the best playing mode, where almost 50 players land to fight with each other to know who is best among them.

Clash Squad Mode:

This is versus mode in which two teams fight against each other in a small area. Each team consists of four teammates that will assist each other. Both teams will play 7 rounds against each other. The team which eliminates more players in 7 rounds will get the victory.

Rush Hour Mode:

It is similar to classic battle royal but the difference is that it consists of a small area of the map and only 20 players land on that area of the island and fight to win the small battle.

Kill Secured Mode:

It is similar to the team death mode of PUBG and follows the same rules. Two teams fight against each other. The team that gets more kills in a given time will get the victory and be preferred as the best team. A dop tag is dropped if any player of both teams will die. Team that picks more dop tags will get more victory achievement points.

Big-Head Mode:

This is a fun time mode with friends in which each player has an enlarged head. However, it is similar to a team deathmatch in rules.

Free Fire Mod Apk

Free fire is a battle royal competitive and action game in which players fight each other on the island and make strategies to win the match. The survival of players helps them to get the victory over other players. Free fire mod is the change from the original version in a way that it includes more features that make the game easy. You can get exclusive weapons by paying money but in Free Fire Mod Apk you can get all the items for free. There are many modes for different purposes. All maps that are paid in the original version are unlocked in the modded version without spending a single penny. You can easily eliminate all the players and get victory easily in the modified version.

Free Fire Mod Apk Features

Unlimited Diamonds:

Diamonds are like currency in free fire through which you can get everything that you want to buy from the shop. Unlimited diamonds are added for you 100% free in the modded version, so enjoy the game with Peerapk. 99,999 diamonds are added to your account in the mod version that cannot decrease even after buying expensive things from the shop.

Guns can also be graded with the help of diamonds and you can modify the weapons by changing colors and texture from the lab with the help of diamonds. All characters of the game with their amazing outfits are unlocked with the help of this mod. Coins are also bought from diamonds.

Aim lock:

It is not so easy to get victory in the match because some people are very expert and pro players. Therefore, it is not easy to kill such types of players. Therefore, the aim lock feature is added in Free Fire Mod APK to make the game easy. This feature auto targeted the enemy and kill while you are sitting in cover. You can eliminate any number of players in a single match by aim-bot through which your rank will increase so repeatedly. That’s why this feature is most like and well used.

Unlimited Health:

There will be a God mode where you will get unlimited health in Free Fire mod Apk. When you got damage from an enemy your health will decrease so repeatedly. This mod automatically increases your health when you got hit by the enemy. Rush on the enemy and kill them without worrying about your health. You will enjoy gaming in a better way by using this mod. But be aware that successive and overuse of this feature may ban your account.

Unlimited Garena Shells:

Shells are also a type of currency in the Free Fire that is you to buy exclusive weapons in the game. Weapons and car skins can be bought by using Garena shells. With this mod, you will not get unlimited shells but you can get much more shells that are enough for you to buy the necessary items. Popular guns such as AWM and more are upgraded by these shells.

Unlock all Characters:

In the original version of the game, all characters are unlocked by spending money on the diamonds. With this mod, all characters are unlocked without spending any single penny. Different characters have different abilities that help you to improve your game tactics.

Wall Hack:

Free Fire Mod helps you to see through the walls and even you can kill the enemies from inside the walls. You can kill hidden enemies easily that are ready to kill you. Your enemies will not kill you from the walls. Only you were able to kill the enemies from the wall that’s why this feature is very helpful.

No Grass:

Greenery is the part of the classic match on which players prone themselves and hides from us. And we are easily killed by the enemies. Free Fire mod removes all the grass from the map and you can spot the hidden players easily and killed them.

No Fog:

The weather changes in each match of the classic match. Sometimes fog appears in the match and enemies do not support it. This adds difficulty to the game. By this mod, all fog is cleared from the match so it becomes easy for us to supports the players inside the fog.

How to download Free Fire Mod Apk?

  1. Click on the download button that is mentioned at the top of our page.
  2. And behind the download button click on the OBB file and also download it.
  3. Then after the downloading is complete click on the install button.
  4. Click on the security option from the setting option and then enable the unknown source option.
  5. Then extract the OBB file with desired software and copy the extracted files.
  6. Click on Android>OBB and paste the extracted files in it.
  7. Then run the game and enjoy it fully.


Free fire is a simple and efficient battle royal game and based on strategies. After PUBG Lite Mode it is the second most played and liked action and adventure game. The people who started Free fire are addicted to it due to its animated graphics and other exclusive features.

We hope that you feel no issue or error in the download and installing the game on your smartphone. Just leave a review about it. If you face any type of issue then contact us so that we will try to fix that bug and helps you to install the game. Hope so you will like mod APK of Free fire so kindly share it with your friends. So, that they can also enjoy additional and cheerful features of Free fire that are not present in the original version of the game. Without thinking any thought download the game and enjoy it with your friends.

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