Evertale Mod Apk V2.0.24 (Unlimited Money & Shopping)

Evertale Mod Apk

Living in a world full of beauty, charm, and adventure. It has become one of the interests of the human to explore and dare the adventures. The adventures which you experience with your eyes in movies have now become possible to enjoy by yourself in a fairytale adventure game like Evertale. This is a game for RPG fans. As the name of the game suggests it is a story that roams around the fairytale dreamland of the Evertale.

The story of this game comes out in a mysterious way that you have to encounter monsters. The game will lead you towards the land of Erden. The game graphics include landscapes that everyone wants to lose in it if once they were real. The land of Erden is filled with deflecting locations in different zones. You will build an army of incredible monsters to fight with the opponents to save your land.

As the savior of your dreamy land, you have to show off your incredible skills of fighting with the evils along with your army of powerful heroic encounters. Experience the new tasks and missions of the land with strategies at every step of your journey to save your world. But the problem begins for the users here that it is a paid game. You have to pay the actual money to download it from the google play store. but you can get it free to play using Evertale Mod APK.


The story of this game is all about it takes you to an unfamiliar space. That’s completely a new world and named the land of Erden. This land was hit by a curse of fairy ad is known as pandemonium. This world suffers through a huge catastrophe after every 100 years because of the curse of the fairy. But now, fortunately, two heroes appeared to save their world from this catastrophe.

The game provides different astonishing locations in the various zones like magical fairytales. The encounters in this game will fight with all the obstacles and hurdles coming in their way to save their world. And on their adventure, they will face evil opponents. New heroic champions will ask you to be a part of your army and they will be trained. Once your army is trained you will be ready to fight against the evils.

Evertale Game Features:

As you dive into the mysterious world where monsters are available to capture, and you can train them and battle. the features of the game are:

  • Capture and inspect
  • Fight and connect
  • Experiencing story

You can capture and train about 180 heroes and can create your strong powerful army. You can encounter your friends across the 6 regions and can gather the monsters. You can build your team and with strategies, you can build a specific ability combination. To unlock the characters and can add them to your collection simply by taking a part in an online event.

Evertale Mod Apk:

You can level up your game by using Evertale Mod Apk because you can have access to premium items for free without spending a single penny. Premium characters and weapons collections are available for the players to upgrade the levels of your game. The features that Mod APK provides you for free of cost are:

  • 4×4 battle
  • Excellent Graphics and sound quality
  • Different events to keep fun
  • Land to save you from opponents
  • The Extraordinary experience of RPG

4×4 Battle:

Evertale Mod APK provides you the feature of playing the game with your friends just by adding them to your team. You can invite them and they will join the battle. And this provides you the best option to connect with your friends and it will not make you feel bored while playing. As different people connect in the game multi-players with their multi-skills make it more interesting and you can easily make your evils down. And can make your gameplay better and make your levels up.

Excellent graphics and sound quality:

This mod APK provides you high-quality graphics that give you a realistic look and serene landscapes are available so that a user can enjoy the game and never get tired of playing.

Land to save you from opponents:

Various locations are provided by Evertale Mod APK which makes some of the missions easy to play and some of the tasks difficult. The task of shooting and killing is easier in some locations and difficult in some.

Best beasts and weapon collection:

To make your missions easy your focus should be on your skills and the best champions and weapons should be available so that you can get your hands in dominating your game with the best skills and by practicing you will get more focus and reflexes in your game.

Download Evertale Mod APK:

Any RPG game can be installed from peerapk. Downloading the Mod APK file is as easy to install as you install the APK file.

Step 1: click on the download. Now you will be directed to the download page.

Step 2: Now you can download the game by tapping ‘start download’. And your game will be downloaded, then just click on the game icon and start playing.


Evertale is an RPG game that attracts the user from its astonishing landscapes and different locations. In Evertale Mod APK different weapons and best beasts are available which helps you to battle against evils. And you can level up your game by connecting with other players and make it more interesting.

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