Epic Conquest Mod Apk (Unlimited Ruby/Money/Characters)

Epic Conquest Mod Apk

Epic Conquest is a video-action RPG where you can go on an epic adventure and fight various enemies in epic matches. Epic Conquest has a wide map to explore, fun battles, a variety of epic weapons and equipment, amazing characters to play, and hundreds of epic missions to complete.

Epic Conquest Mod Apk is a game created for a team of 2 players with love and passion. The design is inspired by many famous classic final fantasies. It is an adventurous single-player RPG game with a special story giving you an experience like never before.

It is a 3D game with full HD graphics and the soundtrack is epic, the controls are well optimized, and the best feature is that you do not need any internet connection to play this game because it is an offline game. If you are a fan of RPG or Role-playing this game is for you.

Epic Conquest Mod Apk

Epic Conquest Mod Apk Gameplay


Epic conquest is a Role Playing Game. There is a huge world of privileged insights to reveal for all players. And mysterious stories are hidden behind it. This game will give players plenty of strong opponents to fight and a lot of mysterious components and highlights how to use them. For example, how to fight, characters attributes, and updates. Above all, the combination of things is best.

Although it is not an open-world game, the best thing is its gameplay which is full of detail and a stack of diversions. It also has a stack of things for players to find and explore.

The world is in dire need of heroes as the portal to hell was opened not long ago, from where demons and monsters began to spread. Of course, the demon started destruction all over the world and their soul purpose is the damnation of the world. A hero will rise in this time of need which will destroy demons and protect everyone from demons.

Moving along the storyline, the main character will gradually increase the level and become stronger, unlocking new attacks and skills. By finding special material you can also improve the damage of your equipment. You need to get all kinds of weapons to save the world.

Epic Conquest Game Features

Feature Epic Conquest Mod Apk
Feature Epic Conquest Mod Apk

Character’s variety and growth have also been a significant element of RPG games besides giving new battling and play style. Each character in Epic Conquest has a unique skill. Epic Conquest exhibits its control and battle mechanics which are visually enhanced giving the player a new experience. Players will also experience great difficulty on their journey and fight various strong foes which generally gives players epic rewards and experience.

  • Amazing Action
  • Epic story
  • Ease of character building
  • Unique skills and perk
  • Costumes to collect
  • Blacksmithing System in the Classic Period
  • Save your data to the cloud

Amazing Action:

Learn enemies’ actions and decide when to strike. You can choose between 4 different playable characters with completely different abilities. Also, there are four different difficulty levels, higher difficulty level gives more reward.

Epic Story:

You can fantasize about a love story that will not disappoint you. Epic graphics you will find throughout the story. Visual novel-style dialogue that will look more good with character expression. Play till the end to uncover the epic ending.

Ease of Character Building:

You can build your character. Choose your attributes distribution that matches your fighting style. You can also choose your dress from a different wardrobe. And you can do even more customization from gear socketing.

Unique Skills and Perks:

Each character in-game has different abilities that differentiate their playstyles. Level up and unlock all 4 skills and master them. The more you use a skill the more powerful it gets.

Costumes to Collect:

You can buy a different costume from the store for your beloved character and boost your power.

Epic Conquest Mod Apk

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited ruby
  • Unlock all characters
  • Anti-ban game
  • No roots required
  • Free to download
  • Adorable graphics and sound quality

Unlimited Money:

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Money

You need money for buying everything in this game, for buying a costume, and other resources. In the modified version, you will get unlimited money.

Unlimited Ruby:

You need unlimited ruby for buying resources. You need to buy them and for this purpose, a lot of rubies are needed to fulfill this requirement. In the Epic Conquest Mod APK, you will get unlimited ruby for buying resources.

Unlock All Characters:

You have to play and level up to unlock all characters in the game but In Epic Conquest APK, you have all characters unlocked from the beginning.

Graphics and Sound Quality:

It is a 3D game with full HD graphics and the soundtrack is epic. It immerses you into an epic experience.

How to Download Epic Conquest Mod APK

To install the modified version of the game so you simply need to follow the steps.

Step#1: For downloading you need to go to the download page and click the ‘Go-To download’ option.

Step#2: After clicking you can download the game

Now go to your settings in your device and allow all the permissions. And from your File Manager go to downloads and install the game. The game is installed and is ready for a player to play.


It is a free-to-play RPG/role-playing 3D game that enables you to explore a wonderful world where u defeat several demons and save the world. Epic Conquest Mod APK allows you to use the premium item and characters for free.

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