Easypaisa Golden Payment App – First-Time Pakistan

Easypaisa Golden Payment App – First-Time Pakistan

About App :

With the full release of our mobile application, you can eventually pay for anything using your phone (recover your Easypaisa Golden Payment App credits, send money to friends and family, or purchase broadcast arrangement minutes). Golden Payment App by Easypaisa. Get a 15% discount on all transactions when you pay with gold!

By applying this interpretation of the Easypaisa application, purchasing products will become so commonplace that you won’t ever need to leave your house without it. Here is an example of one of Easypaisa Gold Edition’s astounding advantages:

  • Use your phone to pay for everything and anything, including at a help station as well as at a restaurant or convenience shop.
  • Send money in two or three taps to friends and family. They’ll receive a copy of the Easypaisa Gold Edition software so they can start interacting with you straight immediately.
  • Quickly recover your Easypaisa credits and get 15% more than you expected when you shop or eat out.

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Easypaisa Golden App Feature :

1-Make all of your purchases using your phone.

2- Send money in two or three taps to friends and relatives. They’ll receive a copy of the Easypaisa Gold Edition software so they can start interacting with you straight immediately.

3-Use your Easypaisa credits quickly to redeem them and get 15% extra money when you shop or eat out.

To open the application, scan your unique imprint. No longer need to use passwords or pins.

  1. Obtain your optimal value. When you pay for assistance or a product using Easypaisa Gold Edition, we often offer a 15% discount.

6-Use our virtual charge card option to control your spending so that you don’t go over your budget.

7-At the moment, we support 17 public finance-related structures! Currently, you can send and receive money in 17 specific financial systems, like the Pashtun Afghani, Georgian Lari, and Ukrainian Hryvnia, to name a few.

How To Install Easypaisa Golden App :

1) Download the Easypaisa App’s most recent version from the Play Store.

2) Once the application is open, select the Golden point card under the “Send and Pay” menu.

3) Select “Add your Card” from the menu in the top right corner, type your card information once, and then confirm it.

4) You can add the Easypaisa Golden Card using a similar method if you recently signed up for it.

5) Simply respond to the beautiful point card on the application to truly examine your harmony.

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At the point when you have purchased in, you can use the going with advances toward sorting out your routinely planned portion nuances:

1) To get essentially the same thing, click on chunk history at the application’s highest point.

2) Press the made a commotion in and out of town button and enter your flexible number and date of enrolment.

3) You’ll receive a table of all deals broken down by month and day, with the EGP total, seller’s name, fees, and total.

How To Create an Account :

instructions for setting up a home Easypaisa account. You must first present the application on your mobile device. Only one of the five association numbers should be entered. For instance, it is ideal if you have a Telenor number.

As a result, you should present your ID card before presenting the ID card to ensure that your record is created effectively and without major problems.

The easiest and subsequent duty after creating a record is how you can assist Cashback using this program. For instance, here is a record that you set. You’ll eventually be considering this request, Kin.

What does this application’s recording head look like? Is there or is there not a benefit to this application in the most recent intoxication? Undoubtedly, this program offers a significant advantage when you record a single trade.

You are offered cashback. You only genuinely want to put money into pay without doing any effort from any financial equilibrium.

If, after receiving the money, you decide you want to ship it or weigh the device, you will receive 150PKR Cashback on your Easypaisa account.

Why Easypaisa :

Why You Should Use the Golden Payment App by Easypaisa. The main issue that requires a lot of work is that, if we want to perform branchless banking, Easypaisa is the primary application in the globe through which you can send or receive payments that can be made with basically no additional fees, and banking becomes more straightforward.

For instance, if you open an EasyPay account, the first thing you need to do is do a biometric record confirmation.

Your record is restricted to no more than 200,000 rupees in this situation; but, with biometric confirmation, you can transmit 200,000 rupees right away.

The second advantage of this program, on the other hand, is that even if a lot of money is being transferred to you via Easypaisa, you can still get it, for instance, if one of your clients can send you money via a bank.

What might have been the most significant event for you in this situation in the money transporter’s record? You should therefore place your record in the approaching till it has been confirmed, even though Easypaisa lacks this mechanism completely. You can send money to anyone without a doubt.

Golden Debit Card :

Easypaisa is one of a small group of organizations working to combine two existing banks (Etisalat and Zain) into a more significant part.

It is typical for the association to make the majority of its proposals in late 2017 or early 2018. For each proposition, the initial stock offer is set at a value range of $150 to $200.

The association now has 400 branches spread across a large portion of the country in a variety of states, including Lagos and Abuja.

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