Drive Ahead Mod Apk V.3.7.3 (Unlimited Cars, Money)

Drive Ahead Mod Apk

Thrilling adventure games are very popular and liked by every youngster. This is the best choice for adventure game lovers because of the interface. You will get an engaging and exciting experience by playing the game. Adventurous tracks attract adults and children to download and play the game. You will play races against different opponents by selecting off-road vehicles including trucks, cars, and some other.

3000 cars are included in the game. These unique cars have different unique features which are not available in other games. All cars are not suitable for every track. You have to develop your garage with a collection of vehicles to compete with the opponents.

Drive ahead is made both for the IOS and android users but its modded version is only working on android. This game has raster graphics that can be run by every smartphone. This game has a friendly interface with no violent content. You can save your playing history of matches on your smartphone. You can also record your best gameplay and save it to your smartphone. And share the recorded clips on social media like Facebook. This is the best competitive game in racing type in which you compete and win from other players by your gaming and racing skills.

Drive Ahead Game Modes:

There are many game modes. Each game mode is different from the other mode. Some major game modes are listed below;

In single-player mode, you have to compete with other cars that are controlled by the CPU or to complete the game track in a given period.

In multi-player mode, you have to compete or play races against expert game players from around the world. This mode requires an internet connection. Otherwise, it will not work.

In Campaign mode, you have to complete game missions according to given game rules. If you complete this mode successfully you are rewarded with many exclusive rewards. This mode is different and difficult from other game modes.

In the training mode, beginners learn how to play the game or experts can also join this mode to enhance their driving skills to compete with players in multiplayer mode.


It is very easy to learn and understand game rules and tips that how to play the game? Even children can also play the game very easily due to its friendly user interface. Drive Ahead game is free of cost which you can enjoy in your free time. Different types of vehicles are controlled by the game player in a race. The vehicle is accelerated up by hold the accelerate button located at the left bottom of the screen and the movement of the vehicle can be controlled by tilting the mobile screen. Powerful cars help you to compete with other cars and win the race easily.

Drive Ahead Mod Apk

In the modified version of the game, you are provided with new game features that are not available in the original version of the game. Some features are available in the original version but they are locked and can be unlocked by real-life money. So all gamers cannot unlock the paid features of the game such as paid cars. Drive Ahead Mod Apk is developed in which all features are unlocked free of cost so that every gamer who joins the game can enjoy all premium features of giving without spending a single penny on the game.

Drive Ahead Mod Features:

Unlimited Diamonds:

Diamonds are the currency of the game used to buy the premium items of the game. But these diamonds are bought by paying real-life money. With the help of diamonds, you can unlock exclusive cars that have very high speeds. No common game car can compete with these cars. This mod provides you unlimited diamonds in the games so that you can unlock all premium or paid features of the game free of any cost.

All Levels Unlocked:

The single-player mode of the game contains many levels that are unlocked one by one. By completing each level the next level is unlocked automatically. It means that all game levels are unlocked in sequence. But this mod unlocks all the game levels. You can play any game level even you can select the last game level without completing the previous levels. You can directly send the game by completing the last level of the game to get exclusive rewards and mystery boxes.

All Cars Unlocked:

There are many types of off-road vehicles in the game including cars and trucks. But mostly cars are preferred for races. All the cars are not unlocked. Some are unlocked by the game coins that are not so good. The high-speed cars are locked in the game. To unlock these cars you require diamonds. Diamonds are paid and can be bought with real-life money. To overcome this issue this mod is introduced in which all cars of the game that are locked in the original version of the game unlock for free. Any car can be selected.

How to download Drive Ahead Hacked APK?

Follow the given steps to download and install the game on your smartphone:

  1. Firstly, uninstall the original version of the game completely from your smartphone to download the modified version of the game.
  2. Then click on the download button mentioned at the top of the page to start downloading.
  3. By enabling the unknown source option from the Setting>security menu of your smartphone, the game automatically starts downloading.
  4. It takes some time to download the game depending on the speed of the internet. The downloaded file of the game move to the download folder.
  5. Click on the downloaded file to install the game on your phone.
  6. Click on the game icon to play and enjoy the game with new features.

But be sure that this mod is only working on android and only available on the web browsers not on the google play store.

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