Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk V6.3.1c – Unlimited Gems/Money

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

Dragon mania legends is a simulation game. This game did not give boredom to the players as it provides the player sort of action and is fun playing the game. In this game, players have to join the dragon monarchy so that they can perform various tasks.

You need to breed the infantry of the dragon and prepare them to fight. This game has a very simple background. The need for attention is on the point that you have to create your kingdom for the dragons because the kingdom has been overcome by a tribe “Viking”. So that brave dragons can fight in front of dynamic opponents. You are introduced to the task of building chivalrous countryside.

While playing Dragon mania legends you have to follow the instructions for each locale provided by the game. Dragon mania legends instruct the new player about dragon choices, dragons increasing, and breeding and creating the team of dragons. The mission is updated regularly and by winning the missions you can get a reward in the form of gems, dragon food, money, and gold.

Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk

In dragon mania legends Mod APK, you can upgrade the skills of your dragons you can enhance the abilities so that they can come with new skills in battle and the game will become more interesting. For making the gameplay more authentic and to level up in the missions download the modified version of the game.

In the Mod version, a player gets all the premium items for free without spending a single penny. You can download the modified version on android devices. The features provided by the Mod version are listed below

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited gold
  • No root
  • HD Graphics
  • Excellent sound quality
  • No Ads

Unlimited Gems:

In the modified version, a player will get unlimited gems so that you can purchase the items for which you have to pay in the official version. By getting the unlimited gems you can get all the premium items for free.

Unlimited gold:

By getting unlimited gold you can unlock the items from your game store in the game. The Mod version provides you unlimited gold so that you can get the items for free.

No Ads:

In the Mod version, no ads will be played as compared to the normal version. While playing the game ads disturb the gameplay of the game. In this version, there will be no ads so that a player can play the game without any hurdle occurring.

Graphics and sound quality:

The game provides you best HD quality which grabs the player’s attraction and when the game starts the audio play is very melodic and dramatic.


The gameplay of this game is very simple if you are a beginner you need to follow certain commands so that you can target the opponents. Dragons will get training and breed from you. 100 various species of diverse types and abilities are there that a player can use the expertise in this bright world so that you can raise the best dragons.

There are challenges in the game and missions are performed so that you get the gems and gold and by using these gems you can buy the dragon after passing the mission. As you take part in battle a lot of energy is required to boost up in the game. And if you lose multiple times energy, one energy unit is restored. A player can use gems to buy it.

A player can create his countryside and design his ideal building. you can also make friends and invite them to join you in battle with opponents. And can exchange items with them. In the Mod version, you can get the items that you buy with gems for free that can make your gameplay more interesting and will help you to pass the missions very quickly.

Dragon Mania Legends Game Features:

This is a simulation game in which you can gather dragons and train them to battle. For experiencing the dragon fantasy world create an army of dragons. You need to take care of baby dragons after they hatch and breed them to make them ready for the battle. You have to master their powers in battles so that they can defeat the opponent.

The game provides many features to the player that makes the game more interesting and did not make its boredom as a player finds some stimulation game not worth playing. Some of the features of the game are;

  • Pet collection
  • Battle with dragon legends
  • Level up your collection
  • Escape to the magic land

Pet collection:

To make a team of dragons for battle with opponents you need to have a lot of dragons. 100 different types of species are there which you can unlock and hatch the babies, take care of them and breed them so you can train them well.

Battle with dragon legends:

You can create the island of your own choice and customize it with many buildings and decorate them. You can get the dragon to take care of baby dragons you will get many golds to power your army. To unlock the various abilities and skills you need to send your dragons to the school of the magic world.

Level up your collection:

For upgrading your levels, you need to pass the various missions. Play the game and go through many levels. You can improve your dragon fighting skills so that they can perform well in the battles against the opponent team.

Download Dragon Mania Legends Mod Apk:

  • Once you click the download button your game will automatically start downloading.
  • Go to file manager on your device and install the file from downloads. Your game is installed and is ready to play.


Dragon mania legends Mod APK is a simulation game in which you get the features for free. For various features and for upgrading the skills of your dragons you need to install this game on your android devices. For upgrading your gameplay you need to complete the missions and make them more interesting.

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