Dragon City Mod Apk V12.6.1 (Unlimited Gems/Money/Food)

Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City is a simulation game that had attracted a lot of audiences with its advanced features and for providing the best strategies. This game gained a lot of popularity and is rated with 4.5+ STARS and had crossed over 100 million downloads on the google play store. It is ranking on No. 1 as the top-grossing simulation game and had so much positive feedback from the audience.

As the game provides the best strategy and is certified in it, so it is suitable for every kind of audience from beginners to professional players. The game is all about that you have to build an island in which you will live with the cute baby dragons. You have to breed those baby dragons and train them well so that they can be helpful for you to fight against the opponents. It will take a lot of time to train them as well as many of the resources like food, energy, and money, etc. Dragon City Mod Apk will provide you premium items 100% free.

In Dragon city mod apk, you can easily establish an alliance with multiple game players at once. You can make a team with them so that you can mark the level of your game up and allows connecting with your friends online as it is also an online social point game. Participating in other teams and alliance events and get exclusive rewards by winning.


Dragon city is the best and authentic multiplayer game. It was launched on 3 July 2013 and it tussled a lot for making its fame in the simulation games. And now you could see this game on most of the game player’s mobiles. Interpreting the gameplay, the procedure of the game from its starting to playing is simple and can easily comprehend.

As the game starts, the quick tutorial of the game is delivered to the user that provides authentic and actual information about the controls and assets of the game. You need to build your island and live with baby dragons in your dragon city, breed them and train them well so that they can fight with the rivalry in the game. The more dragons you will gather and add them to your accumulation and you will get more chances to win. You can create your piles, farms, and habitats in your dragon city.

A few coins and gems will be provided to you for starting your journey and to built infrastructure material will be there. For purchasing more items you need to have gems, and coins. The items available for buying needs a lot of invest but many of the users did not afford to buy the premium items so the Mod version provides you the advantage of getting the premium items for free.

Dragon City Game Features:

As this game is highly popular among the players so many of the features are added to make the game more interesting and benignant. The new features added are of great importance in the game and make the gameplay of the player more authentic. For boosting your level up in the game these new features will help you a lot. Features of the dragon city game are listed below;

  • Build your dragon city
  • Feed and evolve
  • Battle and win
  • Collection of dragons
  • Update your collection
  • Adventure through dragons
  • Social city

Build your Dragon City:

You can build your island and create the buildings, farms, and habitat of your choice. You can decorate and makes your city worth seeing and can gather 100 dragons to fulfill your land and upgrade to the next level.

Feed and Evolve:

In the game, you have many dragons hatch eggs and when the baby dragons come out of it take good care of them and breed & train them and make them able so that they can fight for you with the opponents in the game. Teach them new skills and evolve them into powerful beasts.

Battle & Win:

You can battle against other players in the game with your trained and skillful dragons. You have to face many challenges that can be difficult and can make your game a little hard. But you can win it with the help of your dragon league and get rewards after you win.

Collection of Dragons:

You can summon and gather many dragons in your team from the magical world. That helps your dragons to get more power so you can collect orbs. New dragons become part of the game every week through special events. Collect them and make the league of the dragons which will help you in leading the game and winning.

Adventure Through Dragons:

You can train your dragons able to battle with other players on the battlefield. Play against the dragon master in the PVP arena to collect dragons and climb the leaderboard.

Social City:

You have a chance to create your own team to fight against different dragon masters. You can chat, contact, and exchange the orbs with them. You can share the alliance gift and open alliance chests.

Dragon City Mod Apk

In the modified version of this game, many premium items for which you have to invest in the official version will be available for free of cost. The new features of the game have made it more attractive for the players. As a player, you should know that a lot of time is required to breed and train the dragons and many other resources are also required for upgrading their skills. Dragon City Mod Apk provides you with all the features free of cost. Some of the important features are under the following;

  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited money
  • Free ads
  • Antiban
  • PVP combat battle
  • Variety of dragons
  • Unlimited food

Unlimited Gems:

Gems are of great importance in the game. You can use gems to add any building in your dragon city and can buy different species of dragons eggs. For buying many other assets gems are required so you can use this feature of the Mod version to get unlimited gems.

Unlimited Money:

In Dragon City Mod Apk, unlimited money is available which will help you to buy different accessories from the game store and add them to your inventory. A player can add buildings in the territory and decorate their island with different assets so unlimited money plays important role in it.

Variety of Dragons:

More than 80 million dragons are available in the game. The number of dragons carries on increasing daily as new species of dragons are becoming a part of the game daily. Many types of dragons like air, flame, jungle, etc. You will get a reward if you defeat a dragon in the game.

Unlimited Food:

To breed your dragons, you need to feed them food for raising them and upgrading their skills. In the mod version, limitless food is provided so that you don’t need to worry about the needs of your dragons.

Download Dragon City Mod Apk:

If you are new to install the mod version of the game. Without making any error you can easily download the game. You just need to follow the instructions listed below.

If you are new to install the mod version of the game. Without making any error you can easily download the game. You just need to follow the instructions listed below.

Step#1: Firstly, click on the “GO-TO DOWNLOAD” page.

Step#2: After clicking the download page you can download the game.

Step#3: Now go to file manager on your device and go to downloads and install the file of this game. Allow all the permissions asked to install the game. Now, your game is installed and ready to play.\


It is a simulation game launched to play for free on android devices. It is a social network game that was developed from a social point. In Dragon City Mod Apk, you will get the premium items for free and update the skills of your dragons.

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