DINO HUNTER MOD APK (All Weapons Unlocked)


Dino hunter mod apk is an action game with lots of addictive features. It is based on the hunting of a dinosaur. Glu publishes it. In this game, you can hunt a dino that is life on this planet many years ago. For hunting, you can use different kinds of weapons. You have to show many skills. You have to set the track of prey and attack it when it does not expect it. It would help if you were more careful while shooting because you can also become a meal. The game has a large number of animals and weapons, and it is a stunning game. It is a strategy game. It is a highly violent game. 17+ tag is sufficient for you to comprehend how it functions or how it functions.

File Size81 MB
App RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up
MOD Features All Weapons Unlocked
Updated on 2 Days Ago

If your children ask you to play the game, you say no right now. This game is designed for adults, not for children. Each shooting opportunity in the game calls for locking the objective and shooting. Some shooting games can skip these essential elements from the competition. But in the Dino Hunter, it is strictly required. You can lock the target before shooting them. The time is also set in the game. You can load or change ammo before firing in a set time. Besides, you can calculate depreciation in the level, epically in the stunt. In the game, you can run fast as you can.

You can run fast like a rabbit. In the game, there are lots of dinosaurs which take a second to reach your neck. Always remember that the speed of dinosaurs is extremely fast. They can catch you in a while. You wish to experience wielding a rifle and firing accurately in the Dinosaur Park sequence and can fulfil this desire in this game. You can shoot straight firing on the dinosaur. You will become a specialist in the dinosaur search in the game. A hunt was full of danger, death and unpredictability in the early world about 65 million years ago. There are many types of dinosaurs; you must kill all of them. You can kill other species in the game to get the bonus amount. The bounce can make you faster than before. Besides, you can modify your guns to use ammunition instead of firearms. Attacking dinosaurs is the game’s primary objective. To shoot dinosaurs can make you higher and higher. The main goal in the game is to strike a dinosaur. On the android device, you have to touch the screen. You have to lock the target and feel again on screen can make fire.

When the bullets are empty, and you want to reload, you quickly tap the on-screen icon on the bottom corner. In the game, you can anticipate varied situations. Your skills and tenacity will determine success and failure. Besides, anticipation means being in control situation and timing. Some species are faster, ferocious and tolerant. They can suffer for a long time. The distance between you and the dinosaur is far. When you can make your first shot, which is accurate, be careful to make the dinosaur angry. They can attack you. At that time, you have no chance to take aim or fire on them correctly. You have just one option: run as fast as possible to save your life from dinosaurs.

Dino Hunter mod APK

In the game, you must aim accurately and manipulate it smoothly, quickly, and skillfully. These can be improved by dong repeatedly; those who don’t know how to shoot or have not used any shooting game must accept the practice many times to play the game. In the game, tenacity is a steel spirit cold herald hot hand. It helps you be awake and survive in the game when facing furious enemies. This game makes you scared many times. This game gives you lots of experience and scares you many times. The hunter is unable to move quickly backwards and forward. You can handle the situation, and it is the first-person shooting perspective. In the game, you can have a unique perspective. The game also features the intense battle you would watch in the latter sequences. Many kinds of weapons are present in this game. The graphics are so unique and unforgettable. You can’t get bored while playing the game. In this game, you can participate like a talented hunter. In this game, you have just two options hunt or be hunted. It is tough to play but easy to understand. You can face different types of dinosaurs in the game. Overall the game is so elegant and other; you have enjoyed great fun with lots of new features.


Dino Hunter Mod Apk is a game of first-person shooting series. In those games, your opponent is a dinosaur. You can kill them by hunting or shooting them. In this game, there are lots of dinosaurs present. Your character in this game is to participate like a talented hunter. You can shoot down to protect the lives. In this game, you must first set a target, aim, or lock them before shooting. In the game, you have the opportunity to travel to many locations. In this game, high-speed dinosaurs should be prepared to run faster. You can get bounces by killing the other species. You can upgrade your weapons, character, and many other things to get a bounce. It is based on hunting. You have to follow the rules of the game that makes your game more interesting.

Dino Hunter


Simple and easy control

In this game, you will find yourself being introduced to the simple hunting that is accessible. You can use such control and gestures that can help you in moving. In this game, aim at the prey and easily make your shot. You can also receive the vital aim by which the shooter can quickly shoot on target.

Dino Hunter Mod APK

Experience of hunting

In the game, the gamer will find themselves taking a strange experience. You can catch deer or bear in the game. You have to face a dinosaur as your opponent. Furthermore, you have to kill them to win the game.

Dino Hunter Mod APK

Travel to multiple locations

It would help if you visited each of the game’s several locations in this one. In this game, you can explore many new things and discover new areas, jungles and islands. Different locations can give you a diverse experience.

Dino Hunter Mod APK

Multiple species

In this game, you can visit lots of locations and have the opportunity to discover new places. You have a decent chance to find treasure in this game. Every site features unique dinosaurs. You have to hunt the dinosaur by shooting. Many species come to attack; you can also kill them to save your life from them. By killing these species, you can get bounces that upgrade your character and your weapons that help you in the game.

Dino Hunter Mod APK

Use of multiple weapons

In this game, you can use weapons to kill multiple species and dinosaurs. You can choose various weapons to kill them. You can also get your favorite gun and also upgrade them. In this game, you can get access to the most potent weapons like rocket launchers, machine guns and many others. You can use them at a certain level. You can also use different tactics to kill them.

Dino Hunter Mod APK

Collect trophies and rewards

In this game, you can get lots of bounces by killing the species, omnivores, carnivores, and others. You can earn trophies on the winning level. By hunted, you can get rewarded.

Free to play

You can get exciting features in this game. You can play this game entirely free. You can play this game on your phone. This game is completely free to download and play on your smartphone. This game is playable whether you are connected to the internet or not.


It is a 3D graphic game. You can play this game that looks real. The structure of the dinosaur seems natural. The eyes and teeth, and body structure look too real.

What’s New?

  • Bugs are fixed
  • All features are unlocked

How to Download and Install DINO HUNTER MOD APK ?

  • The link given below will let you download the mod file.
  • Click the option “download from unknown sources.”
Unknown Sources
Unknown Sources
  • Following this, click on the “Install” button in the drop-down menu.
App Installing
App Installing
  • Two options can be seen after the installation process: done or open.
App Intalled
App Intalled
  • Click open if you want to play right away. Click done if you’re going to play another time.
  • Enjoy!!!

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

During gameplay, there is an advertisement?

No, you cannot see the ads while playing the game.

Is it safe to use this version?

Yes, it is fully saved. You don’t need to worry when playing the game. Additionally, it can store on your device.

My Reviews

Dinosaur hunter mod apk comes with lots of features. All things in this game give you a fantastic experience. Besides, this game comes with a new boss. You can get a unique understanding of shooting that permits you to shoot a dinosaur with the aiming and locking stunt. It has solid and fantastic gameplay. You can get lots of fun in this game.

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