CSR Racing 5.0.1 Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

CSR racing mod apk

Play the best racing game for free. If you want to feel like a real racer, you are having a unique opportunity, come and join the CSR racing mod apk. You can participate in a high-speed arrival, in which only the fastest among all wins and others regret. This is a highly animated racing game that gives you the real gaming experience that no one gives. You can race in cities among different tracks.

CSR game is featuring 100 licensed cars. You can choose the car to want to play with. Upgrade your car for better performance. And if that up-gradation is not enough, go and buy a new luxury that looks pretty cool. This game contains 100 plus legendry cars since 1960. Have you ever dreamed to buy a luxury MACLAREN P1? And other cars like that, this game will not only fulfill your dreams but you are also allowed to max these cars.

Another thing that is one of the unique characteristics of this game is that when you buy or upgrade a car in other games, the car’s shape remains the same while in this game its shape and texture modify as you level it up. Yes, you read it right, this game gives you a shiny texture of branded cars once they are purchased or modified.

CSR Racing Mod APK
CSR Racing Mod APK

Car Racing Mod Apk

Mods are built to provide their players an exciting experience of those features that are locked. This game contains many features and exclusive cars that are locked. However, you can unlock them with time but it took so long. CSR Racing Mod APk will allow you to drive all the cars and enjoy all the special features at once. Having all the special features with the install of the game makes the game addictive.

Unlimited Cash

Unlimited Cash
Unlimited Cash

CSR Racing Mod proves to be very useful. The cash can be purchased from the shop with real-life money. This seems to be very expensive, don’t worry download the unlimited cash mod and get unlimited cash in your game with just a click. With that cash, you can upgrade cars skins, paint them according to your taste or buy the new luxury cars according to your choice.

Unlimited Cars:

Unlimited Cars
Unlimited Cars

This mod gives you to access all the exciting cars at once. Playing with powerful engine cars makes your gameplay more effective and prominent. You became a professional player and your skills have gone on increasing. CSR Racing mod also proves to be very useful for you. So don’t waste time and download it with just a click.



This game is not complex like other games. Because the complexity of anything irritates a man, this game is easy to use. Just play twice this game and you will learn how to play the game step by step. The controls of this game are so basic that you understand them just by playing twice. Fast driving will lead you to success in-game, so drive fast. Not the victory just depends upon speed, be skillful to be number 1. The major tips about this game include:

Perfect Start:

This is one of the most crucial parts of the game. A perfect start is the early determinant of your success. Before the start of the countdown meter, it’s better to practice revolving your car until the speed meter reaches the max. As the countdown meter reaches 2, free the accelerator so your car began to run at the same time race starts.

Boost Sparingly:

Use the option of the boost as salvation for you and boost the car, when you feel yourself losing the game. Then you get a good start and you keep hitting the accelerator too high and high, the more will be chances for you not to use a boost. However, these tips don’t work every time, sometimes you have any problem with your tunings, which prevents you from winning. Be sure to tune your car before the race.

Free city:

Free city
Free city

In this stage, you can build up your skills by driving your car in various locations. This mod is free of timer and fuel so be as fast as a wind in the city. Practice your skills in the city.


In this mode, you are allowed to compete with other players for winning prizes. This mod conducts a race in a city between different players and you became one of them. Here, in this mod, you have to show the driving skills that you gained by practicing in the free city mod. Race with players and win cash.

CSR Racing Game Features

  1. This game will give you 3D graphics.
  2. A realistic sounds effect is given to the players for better performance.
  3. All the graphics in this game are well animated by the professionals.
  4. This game gives a tutorial on its starting that teaches the beginners how to play.

Download CSR Racing Mod Apk

  1. Make sure that you are having the original version of CSR racing on your device otherwise this mod is not applicable.
  2. Download the mod by clicking on the DOWNLOAD button.
  3. After downloading, the file will be sent to your file manager, open it and click on the app.
  4. Allow the unknown resources from settings.
  5. Click on install and wait a little bit.
  6. Now the game mod is installed, enjoy the game and have fun.


If you love racing games then I would suggest you play them once and you will be amazed because you will be addicted to them. And by downloading Need for Speed Most Wanted Apk Mod you will get amazing features. Prefer it to your friends and leave a review about the game. If you face any issues in downloading the game then email us so that we try to fix your issues.

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