Criminal Case Mod Apk 2022 Latest Version (Unlimited,Energy,Money,Hints)


The latest version of the criminal case game download offers players a puzzle, mystery-solving game that requires the player to utilize the brain to its maximum efficiency. The Game hack criminal case android involves crime scenes which are relatively complex to figure out. Still, with the player’s progression with each level, the hang of the game will come to the player. The solving of such a puzzle will leave the player with a feeling of accomplishment. The player will get to observe the life of a detective firsthand.CRIMINAL CASE MOD APK




The actual game criminal case offline Mod is quite demoralizing with its intricate and laborious achievements. It has numerous bugs with no maintenance whatsoever. People often find it too demanding as a player constantly keeps track of multiple things that prove to be the worthless engagement of can also check BLOCK CRAFT 3D MOD APK 

Moreover, our edition comes with various features that keep the player base intact and measure to project the player into the mainstream of the game criminal case city of romance download. As said before, it is quite an intriguing game with many options and endless plots and puzzles. In the end, players synch with the game and thus become part of a global community.

 Features of Criminal Case Mod Apk

Corrupt City

The whole of the city criminal case free download for pc is corrupt to the core with the higher class to the lower class, leading you to solve plenty of possibilities and hone your skills as a detective. Some instances might depict an extreme level of corruption and grim situations.

Play with Friends

What if the player is stuck on the case and his observational skills are not sharp enough to find the required clues to get a lead on the suspect. Don’t worry, as the game offers the assistance of friends now. It will become less tiresome to look for that one clue that always slipped through your eyes. Furthermore, the main reason to provide this feature criminal case unlimited energy apk free download is to commit players to seek help and form bonds and connections with other players.

3D Graphics

Another delightful feature of this criminal case game hack Mod is the detailed 3D Graphics, which lets the player enjoy the vast array of a wholly corrupt town to the minutest of details and see the bitter reality of a city plunged into the plague of corruption.

Free of Value

The Mod is free and can easily be connected with the natural game criminal case app download to keep your progress intact. Also, a very diligent feature that makes sure not to make already experienced players start from scratch. It is easily synchronized.

All Bugs Fixed

The game had a lot of bugs that needed attention; fortunately, this Mod did just that. With all Bugs Fixed, the game download criminal case for pc is ready for the go and waiting anxiously for the next great detective in town.

Unlimited Hints

So what if your friends precede you? You might not be such an observational but more of a keen full, no problem as the Mod offers tons of hints for you to catch up with your friends. Moreover, we offer them your services as a meaningful full member of the team. The tips ease the game and are unlimited, unlike the game criminal case for android itself.

Unlimited Energy

What if we are doing fine and one level keeps us from getting further? With limited attempts, one had little room for mistakes in the game; however this criminal case, unlimited energy Mod offers total energy for you to get past any level without breaking much sweat. It is also reasonably necessary as mistakes will lead to further advancements. Such a sharp insight is required, and this Mod offers just that.

What’s New?

Criminal case saves the world is a puzzle-solving game that focuses on the mysteries of various crime scenes, ranging from clues left by a single robber to bigger bad boys. It is a good simulator game that puts the player in the boots of a detective. It is a trending game which enables the player to develop simultaneously with the level.

As the player progresses, multiple levels unlock, which require different skills and theory crafting. It is an entertaining game that has taken the gaming world with a bang through its mind-blowing 3D scenes and adverse gaming style. Moreover, it is now the fastest-growing game and ready to welcome the player into the cunning world of a detective.

Requirements of Criminal Case Mod Apk

Criminal case game free download full version works great with Android 5.0+ and needs about 62 MB space on your device.

Gameplay of Criminal Case Mod Apk

The cunning and vogue life will be ravelled as the player ventures further into the storyline. The game criminal case season 3 has challenging puzzles to solve, so the player doesn’t get fed up with a simple puzzle. It is designed to challenge the observation skills of a player to the end extent. It will be an experience of a lifetime, and players won’t even quit due to the addiction to solving more puzzles than ever before.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Are our Criminal Case games connected?

Yes, it is possible to play Criminal Case without an Internet connection. Suppose you are Facebook connected but temporarily playing without an Internet connection. In that case, the game will re-synchronize with Facebook the next time you open the app while connected to the Internet.


The app is tested and verified many times and is easy to play or transfer as we Analyze each piece of proof and notice witnesses. Perhaps you may be lucky enough to interrogate the critical killer. This dark and criminal town wants specialists such as you. Throughout the research, you’ll continually resort to hints; they’ll assist you quickly in noticing all the things you wish. Become the simplest detectives and solve all the murders in this town.

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