Cleo Gold Apk Latest Version 1.1.2

Cleo Gold Apk

Cleo gold is a perfect tool for modifying, changing and add customs in GTA (Grand theft auto) games. GTA players like this application to use on android phones. With this tool, you can get cars, get all the cars and provide almost all things which you cannot do in normal GTA games.

This tool is suitable for rooted devices and on the other hand, it does not suitable for unrooted devices. Cleo gold tool is user-friendly, and cannot be affected by any virus which means it is virus protected and doesn’t need to worry about anything.

Cleo Gold APK

Cleo Gold APK is one of the best cheating apps. If you have GTA games, some missions are very difficult and you are unable to complete them but want to complete these missions, then quickly download Cleo Gold APK. It comes with unlimited features and helps to apply different tricks and cheats for GTA games. With these cheat codes, you can win an unlimited mission. With this app players have access to;

  • Different weapons
  • Cars and other vehicles
  • Provide more lifelines
  • Infinite health
  • Boost the health of the player
  • Infinite armor
  • Give access to load any cheat code
  • Pre-installed cheat scripts

Features of Cleo Gold:

  • 100% free to use
  • The interface is very simple and friendly
  • With this, you can use custom scripts
  • It is used to install unlimited scripts for many GTA games
  • This tool cannot charge you any cost it is free
  • Increase the health of the player
  • Give access to unlimited armor
  • Boost up cars, bikes, planes, boats, and other available things in-game
  • Give access to different weapons
  • With a single click, you can download more scripts
  • Virus protected
  • Cleo Gold app works easily and efficiently on smartphones and android tablets
  • Without rooting this application can be used
  • Available pre-installed cheating scripts
  • There is no need to buy a subscription
  • No license key is required after installation

Cleo Gold APK download the Latest Version:

Every day hundreds of people download Cleo Gold APK’s latest version because it provides unlimited cheat codes for GTA games. Most people love to play these games.

By providing unlimited cheat codes the Cleo Gold has modifying or modernized the GTA games. You can download this app on your device if you have any android devices with a 4.0 version. The size of this file is only 462 kilobytes.

If you want to download the latest version of Cleo Gold APK, here we are trying to ease your effort. We tell you about some very simple requirements. After reading these steps so you do not have to face any trouble and will be able to download or install the Cleo Gold APK tool.

Reads the steps carefully which are bellowed:

  • In the very first step, download the Cleo Gold APK file
  • After successfully downloaded this app now go to the file manager and find out the downloaded APK file.
  • Now open it and click to install
  • Before installing make sure that you enable the unknown sources from your android security settings.
  • But if you have an android 4.0 version or above it then you don’t need to enable unknown sources. You can directly download this app.
  • Now click to open it after installing, now select your favorite game and click to install
  • After completing the installation process enjoy the app

Here are some useful scripts/cheats after installation of the Cleo Gold APK tool:

San Andreas Cheats:

  • Car innovator, Feature all of the game cars, helix, planes, bikes, boats, has inbuilt vehicles preview
  • Cheats, including mission skip, featured all bonus and standard cheats
  • You can start or select any mission that you want to play
  • The player will choose any style with which they want to fight
  • The player can visit any house with open house cheat
  • Cheats helps the player to travel as a passenger in any traffic vehicle
  • The player will have the ability to prevent flipping and can control cars
  • It can boost all stats of players to maximum
  • With cheats player’s health can regain
  • The player can fly just like a superman
  • Height limit can be removed for jetpack
  • The player can speed up his car with the help of a cheat
  • By fix, the radio glitch some radio stations can be played

Vice City Cheats:

  • Car innovator: features all game vehicles
  • Gives the features all standard cheats
  • Can regenerate player’s health continuously
  • Gives the ability at once player can unlock all weapons

III Cheats:

  • Car innovator features all of the game vehicles
  • Has the feature of all standard cheats
  • It can regain the player’s health and can regenerate the player’s hit points

Disadvantages of the Cleo Gold:

We all know that everything in this world has advantages as well as some disadvantages. So, here we tell you about some disadvantages

  • Sometimes required root for the proper and good work
  • Overuse of the Cleo Gold app tool remove the original fun of the game
  • Sometimes it may lead to game crashes


Cleo Gold is the perfect tool or app for several GTA games. This app is best for adding tricks and cheats in games for winning. It gives you access to unlock the car, different weapons, health power, increase health power, and almost everything which you want in GTA games.

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