Clean Master Pro Apk 2022 Latest Version (Vip Unlocked, No Ads)

Clean master pro apk

This is a 100% free application and is specifically for android devices. It optimized your android performance, keep your mobile safe and secure. When you deleted apps it sometimes leaves behind some error or cached data, clean master clean these problems, and boost your mobile phone.

It is known to be a computer optimizer because Clean Master also uses for personal computers. It cleans junk files so the performance of your device will be improved, removed unwanted malware, managing and removed installed apps.

Clean Master Pro Apk

Clean Master Pro Apk

Clean Master Pro Apk
Clean Master Pro Apk

Clean master pro-APK makes your android phone faster than ever, android performance can be optimized by the booster. It is one of the best cleaners which clean and secures your android device.

Clean master full APK, is the modified version of clean master for your android device to enjoy premium features, having the ability of powerful app cache cleaner, speed booster, fast RAM cleaner, which can improve the speed and performance of your android phone. In optimizing the phone junk cleaner notification and RAM booster plays an important role.

Clean Master Pro APK Features

Clean Master Pro APK Features
Clean Master Pro APK Features

Virus Protected:

Clean master premium APK is a free antivirus tool and keeps your phone safe and secure from viruses. It can scan virus from all apps in your android phone, then if find out viruses then automatically removes and block viruses to keep your device safe and speedy. With the help of a clean master’s antivirus-free engine, it protected your phone privacy as well.

Removing Junks:

Clean master pro APK target applications and software then clean junk files which are left behind. It removes the residuals and cache files which are the cause to slow down your android device. From social apps, our professional cleaner can clean cache data which can free much more space without deleting the wrong files about which you are worried.

Boost Up Android Phones:

Tap on the boost option, clean master pro APK helps to clean RAM and speed up your phone performance. After boosting you can check that your phone works more efficiently than before. This feature is mostly used because it helps to increase your RAM capacity with which your device runs much faster. It stops useless applications automatically and your android phone works smoothly.

Manage Application’s Password:

If you want to lock your apps and could not find an application or software that keeps your data secure with a password. So don’t worry about it. Clean Master has an app lock feature that can manage or set the password for the application. It can secure your phone data most effectively by App Locker.

Save Phone Battery:

Save Phone Battery
Save Phone Battery

Clean Master hibernates running applications that help to save the power of the mobile battery and increase battery life. Cleaning junk files and viruses also help to save batteries.

Detect Fake Wi-Fi:

It has the feature of Wi-Fi security, through which your phone device is protected from insecure public Wi-Fi. Clean master detects fake public Wi-Fi and unofficial connections, and safe your mobile phone from these unauthorized networks.

Manage Games:

Unlimited Money
Unlimited Money

A special game master feature in the Clean Master, you can manage games, the loading speed of the game accelerated, and find out more different types of games.

Clean Master Pro

You can say that clean master pro is in one android phone booster and clean android master toolbox. Clean master pro helps to remove junk which slows down your device. With the help of a power cleaner and battery saver, it can optimize your device with having the strength of a CPU cooler. Clean master pro provides many services which are beneficial for phone devices some of them are here we discuss:

  • It speeds up your android phones
  • Clean master pro quickly clean junk files
  • Helps to cleans up your mobile memory
  • Reduce android CPU temperature
  • Gives free VPN which helps to break through the restrictions
  • Browse the internet safely
  • Clean master pro has a friendly and intuitive interface
  • Extends phone’s battery life
  • Memory booster
  • WhatsApp cleaner
  • Cleaning or reset apps
  • Images cleaner

Clean Master VIP APK

Clean master VIP APK responsible to remove ads completely, especially for android devices. When you run your phone applications it suddenly hangs which may lead to the virus. It can remove these viruses and protects your device. Until you remove these errors/viruses you face the different problems:

  • File deleted automatically
  • Mobile apps may crash
  • Mobile turns off while running
  • Automatically download unwanted applications
  • Working will stop while applications are running

Clean master VIP APK responsible for:

  • Remove adds
  • Clean notification
  • Connect VPN safely
  • CPU cooler
  • WhatsApp cleaner
  • Antivirus
  • Clean deeply

Clean Master Pro APK Free Download

If you want to download and install clean master to boost up your android phone, then follow these steps:

  • Firstly you have to uninstall the previous clean master app from your device
  • Then click on the button to download clean master
  • When downloading complete, go to your android settings
  • Click on the security option
  • Allow permission to unknown sources by click on the option. Enable it
  • Now go back to the download folder
  • Click on the clean master file to start the installation
  • Installation complete, now enjoy

Clean Master Pro APK Cracked

Clean Master Pro-APK cracked is provided a complete bundle to remove the traces, provide security from hackers, and also provide solutions to avoid third-party access. To determine and managing the system assets there are multiple checks available. Clean master pro APK cracked optimize the device specification, scan the virus and remove these viruses if occurred. It helps in increasing the speed of the device by deleting temporary files from the RAM.

Disadvantages of Clean Master

Not a single thing is perfect in this world everything that gives you benefits also has disadvantages.

  • The clean master may delete some important pictures, videos, or files if you misuse the application.
  • Your phone may be overheated if you charged it quickly.


So above we discuss clean master in detail, it’s completely free and safe. So go and download it and make your phone efficient than ever. The app has a different feature that makes your life easy, if you want more features, you can easily upgrade the pro version of the app. The overall app has a friendly interface, wiping out files that are causing to slow your system.

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