Chapters Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds/Tickets/Dialogues)

Chapters mod apk

Chapters is an interactive role-playing game. The name of the game suggests that in it a player will get a bundle of stories to enjoy and experience. This simulation game is popular among the players because in it you can choose the stories of your choice as choices matter and a player can choose its outcome.

The game is fulfilled with a lot of books with amazing stories. In Chapters Mod Apk, you can create and make your own stories and update them. Select the stories by which you can discover the secrets in the game. Playing this game is fun because the stories allow you to live with other people and enjoy unlimited fun.

The stories in Chapters are divided into different categories with different characters. There is a lot of detailed design which you can experience and these stories are more like love novels. A user will not be bored because this game provides nearly 150 different stories which you can chase and have fun with. A player can select the character with and engage in the relationship of your choice and interact with other characters in the game.

To explore more stories and characters you need to buy them with the crystals or diamonds in the game. These diamonds are hard to get so you can download the Mod version of the game to get unlimited diamonds and other premium items that are locked in the official version will be available free in the modified version.

Chapters: Interactive Stories

This simulation game was created by crazy maple studio that provides you with love which you dream about and stories that you imagine and like in novels. This game has become eye-grabbing because of its amazing storyline and selection of characters of your choice. A player can create and publish his own stories. Many features are available in the game that makes it more interesting. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Selection of the stories
  • Chase different stories
  • Customize your character
  • Fell in love with other characters
  • Experience genres of stories

Selection of the Stories:

The selection of the stories is an important feature in the game. Different detail and characters are available so choosing a story with a good storyline are necessary. Different categories of the characters you can experience. You will get to know about the characters in Chapters. The story could be about best friends who possess a close relationship or the kind of love do you want. You can design the details to experience a story.

Chase Various Love Stories:

Each story provides a player with a brief description for choosing the guy for you. And any story can have a good end or bad end. There are 150 stories available in the game, and to experience your favorite story you can choose and immerse in the kind of love you want. By solving the problem you can reveal secrets.

Customize the Character:

In addition to choosing the right name for your character you also need to customize your character. You need to attract the guy by changing the appearance of the character. You can change the hair color, skin tone, clothes, etc. the appearance of the character help to choose bolder details. Amazing outfits will leave a mark on the character and you can seek attention.

Fell in Love with Guys:

In this storyline-based game, to feel the story you dream about is not difficult at all now. You have to choose from the option the kind of character you want to interact with and can enjoy the love. You can enjoy a cup of tea with the other guy and talk to them so you can decide the details. You can choose the next episode and leads to an ending of your choice.

Experiencing the Genre of Stories:

Chapters: interactive stories not only provide the love stories but also the stories that provide mystery, adventure, tragedy, etc. You can choose simple gameplay and diverse storylines to make the game interesting. You can choose the outcome of your character. Some of the stories from the Chapters: interactive stories are: calendar girl, vampire girl, robin hood, etc.


Chapters is the best game for people who possess a great love for novels and they always want to experience it. This game provides stories that always have a charm. In this game, the main figure by which people get interested is that you can choose the character and experience life in it.

You can take your character’s life in any direction based on the storyline you choose and your imagination. You can experience many more things other than just love. Chapters provide you with the storyline and contain genres like tragedy, action, mystery, love, and fantasy.

The first step when you start our game is to choose the character you like and name it. By joining the romance club, you can create amazing stories. Not to get bore you can write interesting stories and win awards. The game provides endless choices to direct your story and make the story completely dependent on you. The choices you make will influence the course of the story.

Chapters Mod Apk

The hacked version of the game CHAPTERS is available in which you will be provided with premium items for free. The unlock items that are available in the normal version which you need to buy with actual money are unlimited available. Chapters Mod Apk provides many features but some of the features of the modified version are listed below:

  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlock dialogues
  • No ads
  • Free shopping

Unlimited Diamonds:

Diamonds are the important feature of the game chapters: interactive stories. If you want to enjoy different stories you need to unlock new chapters and for the items to customize your character diamonds are required which you can get free in the Chapters Mod Apk. And you don’t need to watch extra ads to get the diamonds. You can get unlimited diamonds by downloading the modified version.

Unlimited Tickets:

To read multiple chapters multiple tickets are required. To have multiple tickets you need to buy them from the game store which is not affordable for all. So, to get unlimited tickets you need to install the modded version. In Chapters Mod Apk, you will get unlimited tickets for free that you can read the new episodes without any worry.

No Ads:

Ads in the game can make your experience worst. You will get to see many ads in the online games as in chapters: interactive stories. To get rid of these ads you need to uninstall the normal version of this game and install the modified version so that you can get ads-free gameplay in which no ad will occur and did not create any kind of obstacle while playing.

Free Shopping:

The most demanding feature of the game CHAPTERS is free shopping. This feature provides you the option of free shopping by which you can get free clothes, unlocked chapters, and many more premium items for which you need to serve diamonds which you get with many difficulties. For getting this feature you need to install the Chapters Mod Apk. There are many more features that are also available in the modified version are:

  • Unlimited chapter bypass
  • Anti-Ban
  •  The amazing quality of graphics
  • Brilliant sound quality
  • Full of adventure
  • Books by experienced authors

Download Chapters Mod Apk:

To install the modified version of the game you need to uninstall the normal version. If you are new to our website and you find any difficult to download the game follow the following steps.

STEP1: To download this game you need to go to, “GO-TO download” option.

STEP2: Now click on the start download option. Your game will be started downloading in few seconds.

STEP3: Your game is downloaded. Now go to your settings in your android device and allow all the cookies and allow the third-party entry.

STEP4: Now go to the file manager on your device and install the downloaded file from the downloads.

STEP5: Your game is installed and is ready to play.


And that’s all the Chapters Mod Apk provides you all the premium features like unlimited diamonds, tickets for free. In this game CHAPTERS, you will get the option to choose the story and decide its ending according to your choice. Download the modified version to get all the premium items.

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