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Call of duty is based on World War 2. This is an action shooting game video that is too much popular nowadays. It is modified according to new technology but it is merely based upon old wars. 2003 is the development year of Call of Duty. It is unique from all other shooting and action games due to its tools, graphics, and special settings.

Call of duty is a very intense game that requires proper training of the user to play against the opponent. This game is enhanced with new technologies. As your rank in-game will go higher and higher the difficulty of the game is increased. The Modded version of Call of duty is modified from the original version of the game due to some alterations and the addition of new features.

Video gamers face many difficulties while playing the game that’s why the modified version of the game is created to overcome these obstacles that are faced by most gamers. Due to different changes in the original version more people are attracted toward Mod APK. Aimbot, unlimited health, and some more tools are added in a modified version of the game to make it easy than the original version.

Call of Duty Mod APK:

Diverse and next-level features for the youngsters are available in these mods to enjoy the best version of the game without any problem and free of cost. A modified version of the game got more than the original version due to its unique and attractive features. The main advantage is that it is secure and safe to play.

call of duty mobile mod menu android

It is available on all android devices but be sure that android has an updated version otherwise modified version may cause lag and other issues during the game. It is difficult to install and play Mod APK on low devices. The Modded version does not require a user that updates the game rather Mod APK is auto-updated.

All characters, clothes, weapons, and all other features that are paid in the original version are unlocked in a modified version. The feature or mode of quick reloading the gun is also available in this version of the game, you can get everything free.

Call of Duty Mod APK Features:

Unlocked Characters:

Unlocking of all characters is available in a modified version of the game without passing any particular stage. While in the original version of Call of Duty the player has to pay or cross certain stages to unlock characters and exclusive weapons. But in Mod all weapons and characters are unlocked free of cost.

A modified version of the game has finished the difficulty of crossing difficult stages to unlock characters and weapons. Characters in simple versions consume too much time to unlock due to which gamers may bore and leave the game. That’s why modes of games are created to overcome this difficulty and unlock all features of the game free of cost.

Auto Aim:

The best and remarkable feature of the modified version is auto-aim that kills your opponent only in one bullet in very long ranges. If your aim is not on the opponent this feature auto aims at the opponent and kills your opponent over any distance. This feature automatically detects the enemy and created a mark on the enemy. When the user presses the shot button the enemy is killed in a single tap. The player must be an expert or must know that how to play the game to use this feature inaccurate way. This is very difficult to use for beginners. It creates targeted marks on the enemy or marks are created on the map.

Rooting of Device:

To install the mode version of games, some games require rooting of your device to install the modes. But this difficulty is removed from the call of duty mode apk. It runs after installation without rooting your mobile phone. You have to download call of duty mod apk from the given link from any browser and install it. Then, play the game without any obstacles.

Reloading of Weapons Quickly:

After a certain interval of time, you have to reload your weapon to kill the enemy in every video game. During reloading time your enemy may kill you. To overcome this issue this mode is created that does not require the same rule of reloading. Your weapon is automatically reloaded in seconds or has unlimited ammo in one load through this mode. This feature makes it easy to kill your enemy quickly without wasting time in reloading. This feature allows the user to focus only on the enemy, not on the reloading of ammo.

Unlimited COD points:

COD points are required in-game to unlock exclusive weapons and other features. COD points are collected by accomplishing very difficult missions that consume a lot of time and may irritate the player. By installing this mode you can get unlimited COD points and unlocks every feature in the game without completing any mission. Players can also raise levels in the game and achieve high ranks with the help of these points. Exclusive weapons are also upgraded by COD points.

Secure Mod:

These modes are highly secured that not damage your phone from any issue. Your account cannot be blocked or hacked by using these modes. Anti-ban features are added in the call of duty mod apk file through which your account becomes secure. There is a common issue in all modes of other applications that your account was blocked by downloading the mods but the call of duty is secure from this type of issue.


Users can play game multiplayer while using these modes. This amazing feature of multiplayer is only available in the Call of Duty Mod Apk. Users can create a team online and play with their friends. You can help your friends of getting high goals and ranks in the game with this modded version.

call of duty mod download

Necessary Tips about COD Mod APK:

Choosing shooting mode:

Simple and manual are the two types of shooting modes in the modded version of the game developed by the developers. The player does not control the fire button manually it automatically fires in simple mode. While in manual shooting mode the player manually hits the enemy and controls the aim by itself. The chance of missing aim is available in simple shooting mode because the aim is automatically set on the enemy. That’s why manual shooting mode is preferred to use in-game while playing the modified version of the game.

Use of Drones:

The drone is used for progression. This feature is only available in the multiplayer mode in which you are given exclusive missiles control with the help of drones. Direct the aim of your missile towards the enemy to kill the enemy in very long ranges. All targeted enemies are killed through missiles that give you additional points to move forward toward the enemy base. To get the exact locations of enemies on the map drones are used. Drone flies in the sky and provides you zoomed view of the whole map. Drones provide you the exact location of the enemy that would help you to kill the enemies easily without missing your aim.

Upgrading Weapons:

To become an advanced-level player you must have upgraded weapons. This feature allows you to upgrade your weapons time by time without spending a single penny. Weapons can be upgraded by the addition of some special tools such as magazines, stocks, and some other tools. You can get more plus points in your progress with the help of upgraded weapons.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why modified version of the game is preferred over the original version?

A modified version is preferred because it includes a lot of new features that are not available in the original version of the game. This mode of the game provides more strategies to the player than the then original version of the game that increases the game sense of players. It provides the feature of upgrading weapons without accomplishing difficult missions. Some features of healing and weapons are represented in a modified version of the game.

Which is the Best Character in COD?

Role of each character is different but some characters are more powerful have a great ability than other such as clown and ninja. Some characters are offensive and others have defensive roles. If you want to play the defensive game then the defender is a good choice for everyone.

How to earn free COD points?

A modified version of call of duty offers us unlimited Cod coins free of cost. Otherwise, to get COD coins you have to play solo and earn coins by completing different types of achievements. By completing each achievement you will get some COD points.

How to Download Call of Duty Mod APK?

The original version of the game must be deleted from your mobile phone before installing the COD Mod APK because it does not work if an older version of the game is already installed on your phone. Otherwise, the modified version may crash and create a rush with the original version of the game. Download the Mod APK by clicking on the download button. Then install the game by enabling the unknown source option from the setting menu. Its size is about 80 MB. Several tools that are paid in the original version unlock free of cost in a modified version and you can enjoy a lot of amazing features. COD Mod APK can be downloaded from google’s browser without spending money.


We tried our best to explain to you the advantages and features of a modified version of Call of Duty. You can achieve high ranks without any effort after downloading Mod APK Cod.

Call of duty is one of the best intense video games which covers advanced technology in its weapons. Genuine Cod points can be earned in a very difficult way that’s why a modded version is presented in which you can get unlimited coins without any effort.

You can also make a team of gamers that are very intense through mod APK. I hope our guidelines will help you to understand the game exactly. Now, without thinking any thought click on the download button and install the game to enjoy it fully.

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