Cafe Racer Mod Apk (Unlimited Money, Bikes)

Cafe racer mod apk

Racing is always a sport that attracts people itself. If you are one of them who have an interest in racing or you want to be a racer, Cafe Racer will help you to achieve your desire. Cafe Racer is generally a racing game. In which, you are the racer that will be all alone in a city. You will ride your car or motorcycle on every street in the city.

Cafe Racer game gives you a big map and that contains many special and interesting things that you can explore before playing. In this game, you will not be bound to any time or race. I am sure you are here for Cafe Race Mod Apk. You are free on driving, there will be endless fuel and no time limit, etc. You can choose race mode or you can play all alone according to your choice. This game is endless and you can lay it as much as you can.

Competing with players in a Cafe Racer allows checking your skills. If you think you are the only legend, then go and win the race. This game will give you a first-person portrayed experience that will help you to understand that what matters while driving. You can ride your bike on a one-way or two-way road according to your taste.


The method for playing this game is so simple that it doesn’t need any explanation at all. You can play it by using arrows (displayed on the screen) or simply by tilting your phone. You can change your controls from the setting. 125cc bike will be given to you and you have to unlock other bikes by using that bike. You can upgrade your 125cc bike to the max by leveling up and by getting cash.

Cafe Racer allows you to customize the bikes according to your heat’s content. You can change anything i.e.: mirrors, engine, wheels, and brakes, etc. Once you set your bike color it according to your taste and enjoy a bumpy ride. You can play on a one-way track or two-way track. You can change the city. You can buy a new motorcycle by earning cash within the game. This game gives you a smooth experience on any android or iOS phone.

Cafe Racer’s Stages:

Free Stage:

At this stage, you are to arrive from here to there. You can surf from one place to other without any bound. Be professional while driving to increase your skills so you can compete with players in the race.

Race Stage:

In this stage, you become capable to race with other players to show your skills to them. After winning the race will get you some cash. It has 2, 3 laps. Be number 1 in all laps to get exclusive prizes.

Two Way Traffic Stage:

At this stage, you face traffic on both sides. Two-lane will be shown on screen, one is forgoing and the other for coming. Be careful while driving or racing. If you crash with any vehicle you will be sent back to the lobby to restart the race again.

Cafe Racer Mod Apk

Cafe Racer Mod Apk is built to provide its players a better gaming experience. The need for mods takes place when you start losing the game due to bad motorcycles. Like every other game, this game also contains some special features and exclusive bikes that make your speed double. To unlock that features you have to spend cash. Cash can be wined from a race that is so much time-consuming. To enjoy the special features and exclusive bikes at once download the mod and have fun. Cafe Racer Mod includes the following features;

Unlimited Cash:

Cash is the most significant thing in this game. You can’t modify your bike if you lack cash. Cash can be purchased from the shop by using real money. Cae Racer Mod Apk will give you unlimited cash that will be used in bikes modification. You can buy your special bike with the help of this cash.

Unlimited Bikes:

This mod will let you enjoy all the bikes without paying a single dime as soon as you install them. Feel free to install it because this is going to be so much useful for you.

Cafe Racer Game Features:

  • This game will provide you 3D graphics to enhance your gaming experience.
  • This will give you realistic sound effects to enjoy the game.
  • All the graphics shown in-game are well animated by the designers.
  • The Tutorial will let the beginners know, how to play.

Steps involved for Downloading Cafe Racer Mod Apk:

  • Make sure the original version of the game is already installed on your device otherwise this mod is useless.
  • Click the button DOWNLOAD to get the mod.
  • After completion of the download, go to your file manager and click on the app.
  • Enable the Unknown sources from Settings:
  • Now install and have fun with new features.


This game is all about racing competitions on different types of tracks which contain many levels. As the game passes the game becomes more and more difficult. It requires the best driving and gaming skills to accomplish hardcore levels of the game. This is one of the best types of racing games with a simple and friendly user interface. Without thinking download and install the game to enjoy the endless features of the game.

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