Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Fuel)

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

Simulation games gain the attention of the players because it provides players with all the realities of the real world and are closely related to some animations or real-life characters. Some popular simulation games are dragon city, Dragon mania, Giant realms. Bus Simulator Indonesia has gained popularity due to its effective gameplay.

This game is available on the Google play store with 50M+ downloads and with ratings of 4.4 stars with a lot of positive reviews of the players. You will come to know about the life of a bus driver authentically and will enjoy playing this game. This simulation game portrays the environment in Indonesia in a very accurate way and involves buses and many other impactful features.

The game is all about experiencing the life of a bus driver. Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk is for all ages people and everyone loves playing it. Features provided in the game make it more valuable than the other simulation games. In Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod APK provides the player with all the features that will help you to upgrade your level in the game and a player can make his gameplay more authentic and will enjoy playing the game. To get the premium items locked in the normal version you need to install the modified version of the game and get a chance to get all the unlimited items in the game to get more fun while playing.


The storyline of the game attracts the player and it is the reason that everyone loves this game and feels like going on the tour in Indonesia. The strategy of the game is that you play the role of the bus driver and enjoy the unique gameplay. The one who has a great love for buses would this game a lot.

This game is all about driving the bus on the roads of Indonesia and enjoying watching the beautiful sceneries of the country. You can ride your bus and work do a job of pick and drop. You can pick the passengers from the station and drop them at their wanted spot.

Pass different challenges working as a bus driver and you need to follow the rules and regulations of the country if you want to upgrade your level in the game. You can drive across the various locations and enjoy the panorama of the worth-seeing country. You can have fun with this reality-based game and make it fun playing driving on the roads of Indonesia.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Game Features:

The features provided in the game make the gameplay authentic and different from the other games because it provides the users with all of the facilities that a player enjoys while playing this game. There are a lot of features in the game that makes it worth playing. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Customize your vehicles
  • Stunning maps and realistic elements
  • Love for buses
  • Visit the cities in the country
  • Control to startup

Customize your vehicle:

The game becomes more interesting after the availability of this feature. You can beautify your vehicle the way you want. You can overcome and decorate your vehicles according to your wish if required. You will get many options like painting your vehicle, customizing the parts of the vehicle, and calligraphy on the mirrors or the bumpers of the vehicle.

You can prepare the vehicle you want and make it able to ride on the roads. Make the visibility accurate and insert the LED lights. For a better experience in the game, you can modify your bus by inserting new tires, comfortable seats, etc.

Stunning Maps & Realistic Manner:

Finding maps in the game is challenging and is one of the authentic features. You can explore many amazing locations that provide beautiful scenery and along with it, you can fill the streets with multiple vehicles. While driving a bus feels easy to drive in traffic and complete the traffic signals and follow the regulations. On different locations, the weather will have its effect, and enjoy your extra realistic rides.

Love for Buses:

You will find the buses of your choice and make their use to facilitate the passengers with pick and drop service. You can boost your vehicle and insert interesting designs. You can upgrade your bus and create ease for the passengers with comfortable seats, and a smooth ride.

Visit the cities in the country:

This feature of the game is most popular because while driving a bus in Indonesia you will get a chance to visit different cities of the country and enjoys the different locations and sceneries that make the view more beautiful. You can stop at the station to pick or drop your customers and make them lead their actual spot. In this way, you can have a tour of different cities and enjoy the amazing scenes.

Control to Startup:

The android users will get the features of easily controlling the car. By using this feature you will get awesome controls to start up to the aim you approached. You will be provided with easy tutorials to guide you in a good manner and make you able to start the game. You can have access to touch button controls or with the pedals, gears, and steering wheels. The third-person view will help you to spectate your vehicle and enjoy the awesome gameplay. By experiencing this realistic bus driving you will have fun and makes you feel like enjoying driving your bus.

Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk

In Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk, you will get unlimited items for free that will make your gameplay more authentic and help you to upgrade your level. Many features are there in the hacked version of this game, some of the versions of the game are as followed:

  • Unlimited fuel
  • Unlimited money
  • Free shopping
  • 3D graphics and sound quality
  • No root
  • No ads

Unlimited Fuel:

In the modified version of the game, you will be provided with unlimited fuel so you don’t need to worry about the fuel capacity in your vehicle and feel easy while dropping your passengers on their specific spot. Download the hacked version of this game to get this feature and feel free to drive your bus and upgrade your level in the game.

Unlimited Money:

Money plays the important role in the game because it is money with whom you can buy the essentials in your game to make your gameplay more authentic and pass challenges. You need money to buy fuel, bus accessories, and many more premium items for which you have to pay in the normal version. You will get unlimited money in the Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk so to get this feature download this version of the game.

Free Shopping:

With this feature, you will get an option to choose any item from the game store of your game free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny for buying any item and get every premium item for free. The hacked version of the game provides you free shopping so you can complete challenges to upgrade the level of your game. You will get the option to boost your vehicle, decorate your bus, and make your gameplay more impactful.

3D Graphics and Sound Quality:

For the satisfaction of the visual experiences, you need to play this game. Bus simulation Indonesia Mod Apk provides 3D graphics that attract the sight of every player and make it worth playing for the players. The graphics provide a realistic effect and make you feel like driving the bus in the real life. You will find beautiful cars, road construction, accurate traffic. The beautiful scenes in the game will give a hit different when viewed in 3D graphics.

The sound quality provided by the game will make you feel like a melody being played in the background while playing the game. When the game starts a dramatic sound playing in the background will create a royal feel to you. The presence of music will make your journeys more interesting and beautiful. In-game audio creates depth in the game.

No Ads:

The game provides you ads-free facility in the game. As ads occurring in the game cause the hurdle and irritate the player. But in the modified version of the game, you will get no ads so you can play the game free of worry and make a valuable lead in your game by completing challenges that will also help you to upgrade your level in the game. Download the modded version of the game to get the ads-free feature.

Download Bus Simulator Indonesia Mod Apk:

If you want the unlimited items in the game and to lead the victory you need to install the modified version of the game. If you are new to this website, the following steps will help you to download this game on your android device. Follow the steps listed below to get the game installed on your devices.

Step1: First of all, you need to uninstall the normal version of the game to get the modded version.

Step2: Click on the “go-to download” option.

Step3: After clicking the download option your game will be started downloading.

Step4: Now, go to your settings in your device and allow all the permissions required.

Step5: Go to file manager on your device and install the game file.

Your game is installed and ready to play.


In a nutshell, this game provides a player with realistic elements and makes you feel like happening in the real world. You can drive your bus and with the help of the Bus Simulator Indonesia mod apk, you will have multiple paid items for free. For further queries visit our website and feel free to consult us.

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