Boxing Star Mod Apk (Unlimited Money & Health)

Boxing Star Mod Apk

The world is becoming a global village and people are with no time left over so the things which a person practices in the real world are now available on an online platform. The people who are a fan of action or boxing will be glad to get a game that fulfills their requirements. Boxing star is a game in which a player experiences its boxing skills as well as is an action game that provides a thriller to the player while playing.

In Boxing Star Mod Apk, a player needs to enhance its skills in boxing and learn the exceptional acts to be played like smashing jabs, uppercut punch, and many other moves which are helpful to upgrade your skills in the game. Features in the game added by developers make it worth playing. A player should master the art of boxing with the other player using the skills required to play and win the match.

The game provides the features which make the game fun playing, but some of the features require a payment to unlock them. You are required to pay the actual money to unlock these features or pass the challenges and in reward get some of these features to unlock. This is a time taking procedure and to save your time Mod version of the game is available so you can upgrade your boxers and get updates regularly.

Boxing Start Game Features:

To make the game more fun and interesting to play features are added by the developers of the game. The features increase the excitement of the players and by using these features your gameplay will be improved and get a chance to get more features. There are many features but some of the exceptional features of the game are discussed below;

  • Play with friends
  • Customize and train your boxers
  • Frequent boxing matches
  • Intuitive controls

Play with friends:

It is a lengthy story-based online game and in it, you get the advantage of playing with your friends or with players all around the world. In the fighting club mode, you can invite your friends or other players all around the world and play a match with them. Fight with all your skills and defeat them in the match to win various rewards. Pass the different challenges to win rewards and to enhance your gameplay.

Customize and train your boxers:

Make your character strong to fight against the opposite players you need to change the costume of the players. Improve your gameplay and to update your skills you need to win different tournaments by defeating the other players in the boxing ring with all your skills. You can change the looks of the boxers and train them by winning the various tournaments.

Frequent boxing matches:

A player will get to play with many other boxing players who are more skillful and play with the tournaments involving players from all around the world. Matches in the game are being played now and then. Play the tournaments and pass the various challenges in the game so you can win the match and get prizes in return which will help you to upgrade your skills and the character which is performing in the match.

Intuitive controls:

The game is available on both the IOS and android devices and to learn about the game is very simple because it has very easy controls. It is very accurate and friendly to use and possesses controls that can be easily handled. So, a player will not face any difficulty learning about the controls while playing the game. And the game will become more interesting to play.


This is an action-packed game in which a player will fulfill all his desires of playing boxing and experience all the actions required to play boxing. The regular update of the game and different stories in the game make it more authentic and fun to play. You can choose the boxer you want and customize them as you want to look them like and train them with different skills to make your gameplay better.

You can have a dynamic fight with the opposite player and defeat them so you can win the match and get rewards like unlocking boxers, items to upgrade your skills, costumes for the boxers, etc. You can challenge different players like world champion Joe King is in the ground to take back his throne, challenge them to play a match a defeat them to show who is the real king of the boxing world.

Upgrade your skills by practicing so you can make your way from playing street boxing to becoming a star of the boxing world. A player can choose the boxer he wants and train him well so he can fight with all of his skills to lead the position in the leaderboard.

Boxing Star Mod Apk

The modded version of the game provides a player with features that are unlimited and you don’t need to pay for any of the items you use because all the items are available for free. In original version, to get the premium items you need to buy them or win the match so you can get rewards and unlock the features. Boxing Star Mod Apk are briefly discussed below;

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited Megapuch
  • Free shopping
  • One hit kill
  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlimited health
  • 3D graphics
  • No roots
  • No ads

Unlimited Money:

Money plays the important role in the game because with the money you can buy premium items and upgrade your skills in the game. To lead in the game and for marking your position on the leaderboard you should have the items which will make your gameplay better.

Free Shopping:

This feature provides a player with the option to get all the premium items for free. You don’t need to pay for the items as in the original version and get all the items free of cost without spending actual money. You can upgrade your characters and for the daily updates download the hacked version.

One Hit Kill:

The most interesting Boxing Star Mod feature of the game is a one-hit kill. This feature is helpful to defeat the opponent in one hit. With just one click you will kill the player without using any skills or wasting your health. Whenever you will download this version of the game one-hit kill feature will be enabled.

Unlimited Health:

Character’s Health is necessary for winning the match. Health is the main feature of the game because while fighting against the other opponent you need full health so you can defeat the other player and get prizes in return and make the game more fun to play. This feature of the modified version is enabled automatically whenever the health bar of the character is below the average.

3D Graphics:

The graphics in the game will make you feel like all this is happening in the real world and is happening in front of you. The visuals of the game attract the players and a player is compelled to play the game with full attention and makes the game more interesting and fun to play. To get this feature download the modified version of the game.

No Ads:

This Boxing Start Mod Apk feature is helpful because you will not get to see any ads while playing the game. Because ads occurring in the game affect your gameplay so to play the ads-free game to make your gameplay more accurate you need to install the hacked version. To upgrade your skills and make your gameplay authentic there should be no hindrance and experience fun while playing the game.

Download Boxing Star Mod Apk:

If you found this game you should download this game on your devices because it is worth playing and plays the important role in the fun experience of the player. Downloading the game is not a hard job so you can easily download the game with a few instructions delivered to the user. You can download the game from our website by clicking on the link given below;

  • Once you have downloaded the game now you need to install the game file on your device.
  • To install the game, go to the file manager on your device and install the game file.
  • Now, your game is installed and you can play it anytime you want.


And that’s all. This game provides a player to experience boxing with other players and get rewards after winning the match. To make the gameplay better and to get the fun you need to download the Boxing Star Mod Apk in which you are provided with all the unlimited features.


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