Better Net Premium APK

Better Net Premium APK

This is a free VPN and for Android, Windows, IOS, Firefox, Chrome, or all devices. Better net cares about your privacy, the VPN can mask your IP address, and it does not require any personal information when you download it.

Being the proxy that encrypts your internet traffic. Better net is 100% free and unlimited virtual private network. It protects your data, that no one can theft. Your online browsing is kept secret and it increases your browsing rapidity.

Better net premium APK helps you to keep in touch with social media (like Twitter, FB, or others), television programs, or even with your friends when you cannot access them because of some Government policies or geographical restrictions.

With the help of Better net pro APK, you can unlock any website and reach your favorite content, then you can watch movies, TV shows, entertainment shows, and any other that you want. It covers or shielding your Wi-Fi hotspot and also gives you the fastest speed.


  • Better net premium APK can protect your internet and secure your personal information from hackers. There is no matter what type of internet you are using it will encrypt your all personal information.
  • You can unblock any type of content that you like the most or you want to watch.
  • Without installing or adding incognito it will encrypt all your browsing activities.
  • Whenever you use its VPN service it will connect you automatically to the best server existing in your area.
  • Without compromising the speed of the internet Better net hotspot VPN facilitates the users to connect up to 5 devices at a time.

What is new in the pro better net?

Whenever there is any new feature or work for improvement, we will let you know about it.

Now here modifying things are;

  • Unlocked premium features
  • Ads are removed that were shown in the free version and maybe sometimes in premium
  • It is now zip align
  • Introduce with optimization

Better Net VPN Premium:

Better net VPN premium APK is a free and unlimited virtual private network. It secures you from hackers and gives you access to any hotspot or internet. It turns the public Wi-Fi hotspot into private and helps you to unblock the websites and applications.

Features of Better Net VPN Premium:

Device Protection:

Better net VPN premium can protect your personal data information and password, your mobile phone device secured through this VPN premium whereas you are linked with local Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular data networks.

Secret browse at fast speed:

Better net VPN pro APK detects your location spontaneously. Then you connect with the nearest and fastest server anonymously. Due to this, your connection will be very fast as compared to other VPN.

Access to your desired content:

If you are unable to watch your desired content like some people are fond of watching TV serials, TV shows, movies, or other types of entertainment, the Better net VPN premium APK helps you to access all these things that you want to watch for your entertainment.

Access to unblock:

You can unblock any websites and apps by using a better net unlimited free VPN. Better net VPN pro gives you access to social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or any other websites or applications from anywhere.

Anonymous connection:

Better net VPN service is better than other web proxy servers because it protects your privacy, in other words, known to be a privacy guard. Your location and IP address will be masked by using this VPN, on the internet you cannot be tracked as longer.

Internet Guard:

Better net VPN can shield your personal information because it uses advanced VPN technology that could save your data from the public Wi-Fi connection because these are the best places where hackers can easily steal your data. Better net VPN facilitating you to connect to a website through HTTPS, it gives a shield to your Wi-Fi hotspot. Your network traffic is encrypted by a VPN.

Benefits of Better Net VPN Premium:

  • You don’t need to install any incognito browser when you using a VPN
  • Your online activities are entirely anonymous
  • VPN encrypted your personal information therefore you will be shielded from the public Wi-Fi issues
  • Your location is masked because VPN hides your IP address
  • It gives you access to any content from anywhere meanwhile there is geo-restriction
  • By using free unlimited VPN you can unblock any website, as well as apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and any other
  • There is no need for registration, you just need to download the VPN without any email address or any other restrictions
  • When you browse, viewing or do any task it does not record the content
  • Better net is a fast and very easy to use VPN

Why do you use better net premium?

Better net allows you to have five concurrent connections, which means when you are listening music on your phone or watching a movie on your tablet, same time you can work on your laptop. Many other VPN providers give paid suggestions but no one provides these types of features.

The VPN that allows people to access your connection, the better net is one of the VPN that gives this service. VPN protects your connection when you give authority to other people to access it. This feature is appeared to be useful. Peer-to-peer connections are blocked by some paid VPN. Maybe there is a lack of some features or limited customer support but the above-mentioned features make better net premium quite good than other VPN.

Better Net Premium Free:

Better net is a paid and free VPN service that masks your IP address. It can convert a public network into a private network and secure your data or personal information. Better net premium is one the best VPN that can unblock Netflix.

This VPN has many virtual locations in up to 9 countries including the USA (it has 7 virtual locations), Canada, Netherlands, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Germany, Japan. The free version of the better net shows ads.

Better net free has no customer support while the premium version is highly supported by the customer. Network speed is not very fast as in premium. Data encrypted in both free VPN as well as premium. This is not linked up to many devices at the same time. Better net premium free can be activated by using better net software or better net website, by using any one of the methods it will be activated.

Download Better net Premium APK:

How to download and install download Better net premium APK?

  • First of all, delete the previous version of the application from your device (if you have)
  • Go to the page for downloading
  • Click on the “Start downloading” button, then get your VPN after clicking.
  • Your downloading will start
  • Give access to unknown sources for install, go to mobile phone settings then click on the security option turn on unknown sources
  • Now install the APK file
  • Installation process start
  • Now enjoy the app


I hope I cleared all things about the Better net app above. Better net is the perfect VPN software for your data and Wi-Fi security. Your internet speed is not affected by it. Almost all internet related insurance is covered by Better net. But sometimes it slows down your internet speed and that’s why it does not secure your data perfectly, due to these mostly people like its paid version rather than the free because the paid version is more secure and speedy than the non-paid better net version.

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