Baseball 9 Mod Apk v1.9.5 (Unlimited Money & 3D Graphics)

Baseball 9 Mod Apk

Baseball 9 mod apk is a game that people love worldwide. Playus Soft develops it.. We need enough people to play in both teams. The era is all about being in line, making convenience by sitting in the comfort of our house. You can play this game outdoor, but now twist makes your game more interesting while playing on-screen. We all like digital games and do not want to come out to play outside, travel, or do any physical activities. It is a fantastic game. The game that requires the ball and Baseball is underrated for some reasons. This game is helpful for players to lead a ball, making you more practical. The game is so simple and easy. This game is completely free to download, which means you have a game in your pocket. You have to manage your own team. You will have the opportunity to customize the player fully. You have to win the match and make a cup. You can train the player first before playing in the match. The player will be able to hang his uniform and participate in major baseball leagues. You can play on your trust. You can hit the ball on your behalves.

You have to train hard and feel like area baseball coaches. The graphics are humorous. Besides, the gameplay is depth development. Baseball 9 is a free and lightweight game. It allows the player to install easily on your android device. You must learn different skills from talented baseball players and unique techniques. You will be trained and upgrade your weak skills and have many opportunities to practice as the baseball champion. You can enjoy a fast-paced, realistic game. You can build and develop the team. The game’s goal is to score points, make batter hits, and run through the opposite direction of the clock. The number of the run can earn your number of points. In this game, you take two primary roles. The first is the pitch. In this, you have to hit the ball, so the opponent has no chance to hit. There are numerous throwing methods from which to choose according to your choices, such as fastball, forkball, and slider. Being a batter is not easy; it is more difficult if you want to hit a home run; you can use four types of batting contact: power left bunt and good bunt. Baseball is divided among 9 players into one to five league competitions from low to high, including Rookies, Pro Master champions, and legends. You have to finish every tournament if you want to see yourself in high rank. Unlimited gems, money, and energy are featured in this game.

You can buy anything or upgrade your strength in this game. So, you have to customize yourself. You have lots of fun fielding or batting. Besides, gameplay of baseball 9 is simple. Auto functioning is realized in this game by an indignant player. The graphics are so real and natural. You must adhere with the rules of the game to become the champion. Lots of dingers and get a thrilling strikeout. Pitching and batting field are challenging for the player. You have to hit perfectly, and it is a pretty fun sport. In this game, all the characters are upgraded automatically. You must focus on the winning point. The victory can move you to the next level. You wanna might check this one too Tennis Clash Mod APK.

baseball 9 Mod APK

Baseball 9 Mod Apk Story:

Baseball 9 is simulation gameplay in sport. It is hidden in deep-style graphics. Playing it is a little challenging. In this game, you can use your physical simulation system—the game surrounds the batting and pitching era. You can hit the ball by using your bat. The batting hand can make the excitement level so high. Besides, the player needs to rotate the stick by using a button on the bottom of the screen or hit the ball in the right direction. The timing is the same for the batter and the baler. You have fulfilled the challenge in the given time. You can personalize your character look by donning various clothes and uniforms. Download films and TV shows to watch at a later time To look more impressive, you can even modify the color and style of your hair.

It would help if you played handheld and the dock mode to make the game more impressive. You can select the stadium also. You can choose the place according to your choice. Besides, the game offers you different levels. All the levels are different, and the graphics are so elegant and unique. Take part in both game modes. You can play it offline if you don’t have internet access. You can share your experiences with your buddies about your adventure. Sixteen teams are available in this game to play.

You can select the team you like most, and 9 players are divided into five matches. The game allows you to access to all the features. Unlimited money, gems, and power are given in this game; you can buy any things character and features are upgraded automatically. You do not need to do anything or complete any challenge to unlock or upgrade any feature. You can renew your name also. You can use your Nike name to become more familiar with the match. All of these aspects make the game more exciting and full of fun. You can also try Golf battle Mod APK.

baseball 9 Mod APK

Baseball 9 Mod Apk Mod Features:

Develop your roster:

You need to hire player for your squad in this game. Every player has individual statistics that add value. Besides, you can pick the stats that you like. To improve skills, you can also acquire and enhance them.

baseball 9 mod Apk

Customize your character:

You can customize your character and rename the player as you like. You can also choose your uniform, haircut, body type, and skin tone. You can also make your bat and pitch more upgraded. Additionally, you can purchase various gloves, eyewear, and bats to express your character.

baseball 9 mod Apk

Challenging control:

In this game, you must manage your aim if you want to get bats and pitch ideally. It is straightforward to play; you need lots of practice to compete in the match.

Baseball 9 Mod APK

Join the top league:

In this game, 9 players are divided into five leagues. You have to win the completion to win the league that makes helps you from low to high. Your progress can give you higher and lower., you have to complete the mission to progress in baseball 9.

baseball 9 mod Apk

Special features:

In baseball 9 mod apk, there will be 16 teams. Each team will consist of a cute logo, and players have funny names. Many features are discovered in this version. MLB license is also given in this game. This game also gives unlimited money, so you can get anything or customize your character by styling your uniform, hair or skin ton, gloves, and many other things. The vast experiences and flexible difficulties are making the game more beautiful.


It’s a 3D animation game. The ground and the players look so natural. All the things placed in this game are unique and pleasing.

baseball 9 mod Apk

Be the team manager;

In this game, you are not just a player; you are also a manager that gives up his team and puts them forward. You have to work as a manager.

Selection of stadium:

The game offers you to pick the stadium. There are lots of stadiums given. Hence, all the stadiums are unlocked. You can play anywhere you want.

Play it offline:

Suppose you are getting bored and have nothing to do anything. Once you are connected to wifi, Baseball 9 will then invite you to play the baseball. You do not need an internet connection. You can play the game anywhere and at any time.

Strategic planning:

When you start the game, you must make a solid strategy to play against the opponent. You have to polish your skills and know Baseball to defeat the other players.


 App Name Baseball 9
 Publisher Playus soft
 Genre Sports
 Size 168.67MB
 Latest Version 1.9.5
 MOD Info Unlimited Resources
 Get it On Google Play Store


Latest version: 1.9.5

Size: 168.67MB

Updated: Jun12,2022

App Name: Baseball 9

Developer: Playus soft

What’s New:

  • Adjust batting balance
  • Bugs fixed
  • Customized character

Downloading Method:

  1. Visit our website first.
  2. In your setting Allow unknown resources
  3. Press the installation button.
  4. When installation is finish. Play it.

Pros and Cons:


Multi-action gameplay

Actual baseball tactics

Auto play mode



Hard to comprehend

Accumulates lots of space

My Reviews:

This game is so amazing. The graphics of the game is so unique and authentic. You can enjoy the game a lot. The gameplay is very smooth and delicate. Besides, you can play this game easily. The control of the game is so simple You can alter your character to enhance your attractiveness. Because of your distinctive styles, people will understand you.


Q1:  How can I access this game?

This game is available from our website. You may easily obtain this game.

Q2: This game is it free?

Yes, it is entirely free.

Q3: Is this game heavy?

Yes, this game is heavy. But it also depends on your phone storage.

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