Banana Kong Mod APK Latest Version v1.9.7.20 (unlimited bananas)

Banana Kong Mod APK

Banana Kong, an insane in any occasion storyline, the sense genuinely is brought into the world for flexibility. Versatile game fallen angels consistently play different classes. One of the persuasive sorts is relentless run, never-ending like banana Kong. Concerning telephone clients who generally open one game to kill time, they need to endeavor banana Kong once.

Banana Kong Hack apk plot is crazy.

However, it was rich that I would rather not counter. Kong is a dazzling thick monkey. Ultimately, he was meandering about searching for bananas to eat. There was a chaotic bang behind him. He reviewed. A significant colossal slide was coming right behind his butt. It is banana Strip Mountains that can pound everything, making our Kong go overboard. So he furiously ran as rapid as could be expected. You can also try Johnny Trigger Mod APK.

Banana Kong Mod APK

Banana Kong Mod APK App Features

Kill time, yet it can cause you to feel vivified

The plot and circumstance are only that. Regardless, assuming that you are truly based on the game banana Kong free, you will wind up changing into a scalawag occasionally. Since regardless of the “basic dishes,” the originator is similarly unquestionably positioned in an improvement of “side dishes” that portray your turn as unfortunately enthralled.

Bewildering plans, wonderful music

The music isn’t preposterously extraordinary. At any rate, hypnotizing the person changes deftly and sensibly, cultivating the impression of strain and somewhat rushed. You generally audit that “don’t simply stress overeating bananas, right behind you, the stack of banana strips it will flood.”

Virtual reality game

The banana games mods game is connected with moving the virtual players into the wild, where they experience the shoes of a functioning monkey. The point is to get away from the significant slide of bananas that is tirelessly following the player. If you let the significant slide get you, it will be stage over. The android client can generally look at the wild and even ride different creatures through the continuing alliance.

Latest arrangement

Expecting you need an early advantage in the game banana download and even need to cheat, this is the best variety for you. Presenting – the banana Kong mod apk most recent turn of events! This kind of game will give you many changes that will permit you to remain prepared.

Despite whatever else, you will constantly feel unmatched by what the game has at first expected of you. There could be no more undeniable propensity than being a steady power inside a game.

Aerobatic show

Do perplexing limits and perform tumbler moves to amass whatever amount of bananas as could sensibly be anticipated. Run-on the areas, leap to eat, swing through ropes to appear at goliath level bananas.

Fly with toucan

You can use other than take a flying ride with the toucan to appear at bananas set very distant from reach. Toucan ride additionally saves monkey Kong from the hazardous standard balances like astonishing stones and shakes, crocodiles, wonders, and magmas. You can go through them truly sitting on the rear of a toucan. You can similarly ride other game creatures like turtles.

Distinction and friends

The game has given a full game joining highlight for segregating your distance and game scores. Your assistants for real strong regions for a never let him go past your level. Keep yourself ahead of him and be open to accomplishments.

Cutthroat levels

There are around 48 different game levels. Each game get-together has its trouble level. Plans changes in every party assemble the playing and draw in for players.

One thumb control

The game banana Kong cheats is incomprehensibly simple, considering its particularly responsive one-finger controls.

Impelling correspondence

This improvement game banana Kong pc has staggering plans and top-notch illuminated characters. Controls and enhancements are standard. Gameplay is a lot of propensity outlining even any age get-together can appreciate. Download the game banana Kong mod apk to appreciate.

What’s New?

Banana Kong gameplay- an open-world interminable sprinter coordinated from FDG entertainment with great difficulties and an overall competitor list that changes each run into a title battle.

In any case, no one yet grandmasters can move to the most raised property of the rankings. Youngsters are holding tight by, and large around that genuinely matters, enormous endeavors, driving just to the scratching game over, messes ready after disasters.

So this second is the best access to zero in on arranging and resuscitating the vital person. The two segments will open endorsement to remarkable advantages and new titles!


Banana Kong apk mod works great with Android 5.0+ and needs about 67.8 MB of space on your device.

Banana Kong Mod APK Gameplay

On the run, Kong doesn’t neglect to eat bananas to remain mindful of progress, support energy to resuscitate his coarseness, change his dress, or gain abilities to conquer tangles. Furthermore, the street is spouting out, finished with tangles like streams, crocodiles, void, falling precipitation, and rocks.

To build the energy level, Kong will have two or three assistants on the way who will assist our monkey through a messing with timing on the run. Birds assist Kong with flying over the void. Pigs assist Kong with taking off from the adversary extremely speedy.

Full energy can be changed into enchanting powers, for example, high leap, long-reach to cross hindrances altogether more.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

How many levels are in Banana Kong?

Banana Kong Blast has a total of 48 colorful levels. Put another way. You could spend days strolling about, appreciating the magnificent grandeur of waterfalls and mountains.

How do you get free bananas in banana Kong?

Banana Kong contains randomly generated levels, so don’t expect to play the same game twice. Earn free bananas by performing various tasks, such as signing up for Tapjoy or responding to Target emails.


The banana Kong game depends on an endeavor to get away from the massive critical slide of bananas. The stage is composed of the best honest depictions that outfit the android client with a genuine gaming climate.

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