Age Of Magic Mod Apk Latest Version 2022 (Menu/Damage/Immortal)


The story revolves around a critical character named Roland, a real Mage aged of Magic. His current job is to seek out his thanks to an area referred to as the Dark Tower. Darkness is slowly creeping in, and legions of demons are continuing to overwhelm the world of the magic mod. From there, a prophecy appeared that a True Mage would seem and choose the planet’s fate.


Therefore, Roland will still overcome many challenges to succeed in the Dark Tower. When you start this game, you’ll be utterly impressed with what goes on inside its world. The planet within the game is meant entirely beautifully and attracts players within the first experience. From there, players will ultimately find races that coexist within this world age of magic 2021 and overcome many enemies with different types of strength. Conversely, the starting character that you can control is Roland.

At an equivalent time, there’ll be characters with impressive offensive and defensive skills that you can learn and arrange into the can also check TOTAL CONQUEST MOD APK v 

 Features of AGE OF Magic Mod Apk

Collect characters in several ways

There are some ways you’ll get a personality in the Age of Magic mod apk. At an equivalent time, you’ll be ready to use gold coins to shop for new characters within the market. this will be an extended time for you to gather gold coins.

Unique, attractive MOBA game

You will role-play and play as a role-playing game. The player controls the character through a team of 5 age of Magic apk mods. The battles will happen at a reasonably stable speed with familiar turn-based mechanics. But with full 3D graphics in actual color, it’ll bring unforgettable experiences. With the new update a couple of days ago, Age of Magic will have an entirely new map.

Fast-paced battles

Lead your party into quick but tactical turn-based epic battles in grand arenas where the visuals are stunning, and each choice counts. Your PvP strategy will set the sport pace, so act wisely!

Lots of other modes

The Tomb of Horrors and Valley of Treasures will test your limits as you battle powerful enemies guarding unique rewards. Join MMO RPG events to face tricky characters with even more formidable abilities, and test your strength regardless of the challenge!

Overcome enemies together with your skills

Within this thing, you’ll also start your journey with the modified version in situ of the official one and complete most of the challenging missions in simplistic steps. Modification may be a feature-rich game offering you premium benefits freed from charge. So stop waiting and download this decent game to urge expandable fun!

Extreme attacks

It’s a challenging Android game age of mobile magic game where you’re needed to gather each hero’s shards and unlock them. These shards are damn rare, and most heroes need many fragments to urge unhitched for the primary time. Afterwards, you’ll also upgrade them, enhancing their Hit Points, Armor, Magic Damage resistance, prior damage, elemental Magic damage, and essential damage.

RPG game with versatile category of gaming modes

The sports modes are created to make gamers more enthusiastic and never make them feel bored, not even one moment of gaming. Simply because the best Magic RPG game, Age Of Magic also has embedded numerous gaming modes inside its interface.

Apart from the straightforward campaign mode, you’ll also enjoy the Dark Campaign, Friends Battle, Valley Of Treasures, PvP Arenas, Challenges, Tomb Of Horrors Rules, and, therefore, the weekly updating events.

Join the distinguished Clans and obtain teamed with the most straightforward players

Get ready to hitch the prominent clans and begin chatting with your Clan guys to urge the whole game, mode, and heroes knowledge. These Clan gamers won’t only play the Clan matches with you. But they’ll also provide you with some advanced resources and expertise about the whole gameplay.

What’s New?

The character’s skills are located on the proper side of the screen and can usually be standard attack and special skills dark magic apk. Therefore, it gives variety for players to settle on their tactics to require down enemies and protect other characters within the squad because you’ll undergo many rounds during a match.

An exciting point once you use Roland’s skills within the early game is that Roland possesses a skill set that has both attack and defense. He can attack enemies with the magical ability and make magic walls to endure attacks from enemies for surrounding teammates. You may gradually receive other characters in several ways, particularly after completing a particular level.

Additionally, you’ll also open chests to gather shards of characters, and if enough fragments are required.

Role-Playing Games are the sole genre to stay you in authentic gaming and think just like the realistic strategy taker. It keeps you funny, enthusiastic, and strategically whenever you play these games.


of AGE OF Magic Mod Apk

Age of Magic mod apk unlimited money works excellent with Android 5.0+ and needs about 160 MB of space on your device.


of AGE OF Magic Mod Apk

The gameplay that players experience in Age of Magic is accessible because it doesn’t require excessive control skills. Specifically, the match within the game is operated on a turn-based tactical mechanism where you’ll decide your attack and let your enemy attack. The player’s goal is to finish all rounds, and therefore the enemy has been annihilated. At an equivalent time, each character has some skills to use.

FAQs (frequently asked questions)

What is the fastest way to level up in the Age of Magic?

You have to complete quests and level up in the game as soon as possible.

How do you

Get gold in the Age of Magic?

Get gold from daily rewards, arenas and tournaments.

How many Heroes are in Age of Magic?

There are Up to 50 heroes.

Is swamp Killer good in Age of Magic?

Yes, swamp killer is a fantastic character.


Immerse yourself into the epic world of this exciting adventure game. Age of Magic is your way into the rich world filled with heroism, war, rush, betrayal, mysticism, and knowledge of untold wonder. Join this fun RPG game today to drown your foes together with your might and become the true legend of the realm. Enter this magic arena and begin your true hero adventure!

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