AFK Arena Mod Apk (1.92.01) Unlimited Everything

AFK Arena Mod Apk

AFK ARENA is basically a game concerned with a single playactor game plan where you can come across the interesting and worth playing adventures coming with mythological heroic cards. The main abstract of this game is that you have to create strong and influential strategies to built a team of heroes that fight for you against antagonists.

The main segment of the game is that you have to create befitting strategies and detect secret treasures in maize. The option of easiness in it is that you can associate with other impactful players to dominate yourself in the AFK ARENA BATTLE WORLD. Mostly hero cards are locked and a premium package is needed to unlock them. So, to get the better of this problem is we will provide you accurate AFK ARENA MOD APK that comes with unlimited money and diamonds.

AFK Arena Mod Apk




The technique for playing this game is very easy. It is a story-based campaign surrounding that you have to save the ESPERIA kingdom. All you have to do is to coach the heroes of your team to fight in the war. The force of 5 heroes is needed to fight against the evils in the battle. As they will be trained so you will face no problem in war as your heroes will automatically fight.

The only surety you need is that your heroes did not get killed by the opponent. This is a freely playing game with millions of players.

AFK Arena Game Features

AFK Arena Game Features
AFK Arena Game Features

The uncountable features will only be acknowledged when you will start playing this game. By choosing some useful options, the game could be more interesting. Some to be discussed are about the forests, chat, heroes, and campaign. Features discussed here are only a few that are mostly used and of great importance in the game;

  • Battling with the opponents to save the kingdom
  • The excellent quality of sound
  • The main point of the attraction of this game for players is its high-quality graphics
  • After the completion of the summons, you can collect points
  • If you shut or end the game, your heroes will still fight
  • Competing for the obstacles can lead you to win the game
  • For upgrading the benefit you can use the points you win
  • For battle, the army of heroes (5) is needed
  • You can play with any player around the globe
  • Server test
  • Amazing powers in the game

AFK Arena Mod APK

AFK Arena Mod APK is the modded version of the original game. Daily basis updates and new storylines are the causes of the game being popular around the world. In this version, you can get all the modified features. The features are;

  • Incalculable diamonds
  • Incalculable money
  • Unlocked heroes

Unlimited Diamonds:

In AFK ARENA MOD APK, unlimited diamonds are being used to purchase everything from the game shop. As there are premium packages in the official AFK arena and many of the players want it as free of cost so in AFK ARENA MOD APK you will get subscriptions for free. But with the original version, you have to pay real-life money to buy these diamonds.

Unlocked Heroes:

AFK Arena Mod Apk will provide you unlimited heroes with the skills by which you can win the game easily and 100% free.

Unlimited Coins:

With the help of these coins, you can buy anything you want from the game shop but you have to spend so much time collecting these by playing games or you can buy it from the shop by paying the money. But with this modded version you can get unlimited coins which will last forever.

Some additional mod features are listed below;

  • Free purchasing of the items from your game store
  • Upgrading your hero skills to the next level
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited gems that increase per hour
  • Premium packages are available for free
  • Excellent quality of graphics and sounds
  • Anti-ban
  • User-friendly interface

Premium Subscription Available:

On our website PEERAPK, we will provide you the unlimited free coins and diamonds so you can upgrade and buy items free from your game store. By just clicking on the item you want it will be added to your inventory. So what are you waiting for? Just hit the download button.

How to download and install AFK Arena Mod Apk:

How to download and install AFK Arena Mod Apk:
How to download and install AFK Arena Mod Apk:

A person having a little bit of knowledge about android and IOS can easily come to know about the installation of the game.

Step 1:  You have to go to the download page by clicking the download button.

Step 2:  In the next step you have to download the Mod AFK file on android to start the installation process.

Step 3: now you have to go into the settings of your phone and active your unknown sources by clicking on the security option so that the file should be installed on your mobile.

Step 4: Now to start the installation process tap on the download file and start playing once it is done.


There are always queries in one’s mind when it comes to something that you are going to use. So that is in this strategic game case. Below all your questions have been answered related to AFK Arena Mod Apk.

Is AFK Arena Mod APK safe for us?

Absolutely yes, it is safe to use on your device. Any mod application that is shared on this website is approved and premium antivirus. There is no worry about privacy and security.

What is available in this Afk Arena Mod Apk?

You will get many premium items that are unlocked so that you can build your army of heroes for the war. And there will be regular updates available in the game.

Can the Afk Arena game be played if you are offline?

No, as this is a server-based game where it is necessary to connect with the servers. So, you cannot play this game.


If you are looking for a strategic and adventurous game that a player can play on android. So, AFK ARENA MOD APK is the best option to gain this opportunity of the game. We will provide you unlimited diamonds, unlimited gems, and God mode features for free so that you can win the battles and upgrade your levels and updates will be provided to you.

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